If you wish to choose web hosting services in 2024 to host your newly built website, it can become confusing.

With so many web hosting services (and new ones coming out yearly), choosing a free WordPress hosting platform for your WordPress site will be a good start. 

Choosing free hosting platforms is best for students since they can learn the ins and outs of website hosting. Moreover, later, they can do it easily if they do it professionally! 

Therefore, read this post to learn about the best free WordPress hosting platforms in 2024. 

Best Free WordPress Hosting Services In 2024! 

The ten best free WordPress hosting platforms of 2024 are: 

1. 000webhost (Hostinger Free WordPress Hosting) 

Hostinger is one of the most popular WordPress Hosting services in 2024. However, it does have a free WordPress hosting service known as the 000webhost.  

This WordPress hosting free plan is primarily for students who wish to start learning WordPress hosting. Therefore, this free hosting plan doesn’t have all the main features of Hostinger’s premium plans. 

Moreover, it’s a marketing tool to drive users to purchase their premium hosting plans. Therefore, this cloud WordPress hosting service is best for small websites that don’t get much traffic. Once your website traffic starts rising, Hostinger will force you to switch to their premium plans. 

Here are some of the primary features of this WordPress free hosting plan: 

  • You can host up to two websites for free! 
  • The Hostinger Dashboard lets you manage your websites from one place. 
  • It has its own free WordPress website builder 
  • You get 1 GB of storage space with 3 GB of bandwidth. 
  • You get the full database and FTP access. 

Moreover, this plan allows you to host your domain or get a subdomain for free! However, if you exceed the limits of this plan twice, your website will go down – permanently. Therefore, you must upgrade to a premium plan to continue hosting your website with Hostinger. 

2. WordPress.com 

You must wonder: “Wait, WordPress allows you to host your websites for free?” 

Unfortunately, the answer is no. You get this free WordPress hosting using WordPress.com – which is different from the official WordPress website. Pretty confusing, right? 

Since this is a free WordPress hosting service, various limits dictate what you can and cannot do. Here are some of the primary features of this WordPress free hosting plan: 

  • It lets you access the custom WordPress.com dashboard. 
  • You get 3 GB of storage space and unlimited bandwidth. 
  • If you want to use free WordPress themes, you can do it from here. 
  • You get a free SSL certificate, like InMotion Hosting

However, since it’s free, you cannot install paid WordPress themes and plugins. Moreover, you get to host a website with the WordPress.com website extension. Therefore, you cannot use your custom domain with WordPress.com. 

Moreover, you don’t get any access to WordPress servers. Therefore, you cannot manage your database or connect via FTP. 

3. AwardSpace 

As the name suggests, AwardSpace is an Award-winning Russian web hosting platform. While they have various premium website hosting plans, many students use their free hosting service.  

With its free plan, you can get up to 5,000 website traffic. If it exceeds this number, you must get the AwardSpace Web Pro Plus hosting plan for $7.57/month

Here are some of the primary features of the AwardSpace free hosting plan: 

  • You can host up to 4 websites. 
  • If you want, you can use your domain or get up to three free subdomains. 
  • Instead of a dashboard, it has a custom panel with hosting controls. 
  • It has its own web-based file and database manager. 
  • You get 1 GB of free storage and 5 GB of bandwidth. 
  • You get full support for the MySQL database. 
  • Instead of WordPress hosting, you also get Joomla hosting. 
  • You get access to email hosting services. 
  • There are no ads. 

However, you must remember that, unlike AWS WordPress hosting, you can host only one domain here. The other three free domains must be subdomains. Moreover, its 5 GB bandwidth might limit the functionality of even low-end websites that students might create. 

4. AccuWeb Hosting 

If you have knowledge about web hosting platforms, then you might know that AccuWeb Hosting has no free WordPress hosting plans. However, there is an option to get their basic free plan for the first six months. 

Therefore, if you want free WordPress hosting for students, I recommend using AccuWeb for six months. Six months is enough time to acquaint yourself with all the ins and outs of managing a WordPress website – perfect for this plan.  

Moreover, once you cross the six-month free period, you can get premium hosting services starting from $3.99/month. Furthermore, you must do so if you get over 5,000 monthly traffic. 

With the AccuWeb Hosting free WordPress hosting plan, you will get the following: 

  • One website hosting service 
  • Use the cPanel Control panel 
  • 2 GB SSD storage 
  • 30 GB website bandwidth 
  • Full access to its database 
  • Use multiple email accounts 
  • Use various custom domain names 
  • 10x MySQL certificates 
  • Zero ads 

However, while it may provide a lot for hosting your website for free, there are some limitations, like: 

  • You can host only one website. 
  • You must use your domain since you get no free domains or subdomains. 
  • It has only one free hosting server located in Montreal, Canada. 

5. Free Hosting 

Free Hosting stays true to its namesake – provide free WordPress hosting. Therefore, if you already own a domain name, you can host it for free using this WordPress hosting service provider. 

One of the best uses of Free Hosting is its free website builder tool. This website builder is super easy to use, with many praising it for its intuitive UI.  

With the Free Hosting WordPress plan, you will get the following: 

  • A cPanel hosting dashboard. 
  • 10 GB storage space with unlimited website bandwidth. 
  • Use your domain name. 
  • 1x MySQL certificate. 
  • Auto-install WordPress with one click. 
  • Email hosting. 

However, some of the main drawbacks of using Free Hosting are: 

  • You are limited to using only one website domain. Moreover, you cannot use any extra subdomains in the free plan. 
  • You get one free website email. However, you cannot send any emails from this site.  

6. Byet.host 

While Byet.host has a Russian-like name, UK company iFastNet owns this free WordPress hosting service. This company has over a decade of website hosting experience, hosting over 1,000,000 websites. Therefore, you should have no problem trusting this website. 

Regarding its features, Byet.host provides the greatest number of features. Therefore, with the free WordPress hosting plan of Byet.host, you will get: 

  • Unlimited storage and website bandwidth. However, each file must not be more than 10 MB in size. 
  • You can use your domain or use a free subdomain provided to you. 
  • They provide a VistaPanel hosting dashboard – the only free WordPress hosting service in the list to do so. 
  • They also provide email hosting for a maximum of 5 email addresses. 
  • It provides unlimited MySQL databases. 
  • You can use FTP to get full server access. 
  • Zeo ads. 

However, two of its significant downsides are: 

  • Since you get unlimited storage space, your files cannot be larger than 10 MB. 
  • If you use the VistaPanel hosting dashboard, you will find it’s outdated compared to cPanel. 

7. InfinityFree 

InfinityFree is another great free WordPress hosting service under the same company as Byet.host – iFastNet. Therefore, this free hosting platform has the same infrastructure and features as Byet.host, with minor changes. 

As of January 2024, over 300,000 webmasters use InfinityFree to host their WordPress websites for free. Most users have nothing but praise for the unlimited storage space and bandwidth that InfinityFree provides. 

Therefore, some of the best features of InfinityFree are: 

  • Unlimited storage space and website bandwidth. 
  • One-click WordPress installer. 
  • You get the VistaPanel dashboard. 
  • Script installer for over 400 web tools. 
  • You can use your custom domain name or choose from over 25 free subdomains. 
  • Use ten website email accounts. 
  • Get access to 400 MySQL databases. 
  • Your website will get PHP 7.3 support. 
  • Protect your website with Cloudflare CDN. 
  • Your website will get a free SSL certificate. 
  • Zero ads. 

However, even with so many unique and generous features, InfinityFree suffers from drawbacks like Byet.host, which are: 

  • Even if you have unlimited storage disk space, your files cannot be more than 10 MB in size. 
  • Your website cannot generate more than 50,000 traffic even if you have unlimited bandwidth. 
  • InfinityFree uses the VistaPanel, which is an inferior dashboard. 

8. Free Hosting No Ads 

The name Free Hosting No Ads is as straightforward as it gets – it’s a free hosting platform that shows no ads. This free WordPress hosting service has been in business for over ten years since its inception in 2010. Therefore, over the decade, they’ve built trust and credibility in the website hosting market. 

Some of the best features of Free Hosting No Ads are: 

  • You get 1 GB storage space and 5 GB website bandwidth. 
  • One-click WordPress installer. 
  • You can use your custom domain or choose one free domain. 
  • One website email account. 
  • Supports hosting with PHP 5.4. 
  • Supports MySQL 5.7. 
  • You get to use their FTP File Manager. 
  • You get access to their free website builder. 
  • Zero ads. 

However, WordPress Free Hosting No Ads has various drawbacks, like: 

  • You get support for using PHP 5.4 scripts, which are outdated in 2024 since we now have PHP 7.4.2. Therefore, many WordPress plugins and their latest features might not be compatible. 
  • You only get 1 GB of storage space and 5 GB of bandwidth. Therefore, it might not be enough for many small-scale websites if your website gets decent traffic. 
  • Moreover, if your website starts getting more traffic, upgrading to a premium plan is impossible. Therefore, you must change your free WordPress hosting service. 

9. Freehostia 

Freehostia is another popular free WordPress hosting service that has become popular recently. One of the biggest reasons for their sudden growth is their technical customer support. 

Moreover, they use load-balanced clusters to ensure that access to the hosting server is always steady with almost no lag. 

Therefore, some of the best features of Freehostia are: 

  • Freeshostia can host up to five different websites for you! 
  • Each website gets 250 MB of storage space and 6 GB of traffic bandwidth. 
  • It has a one-click WordPress installer. 
  • You get up to three different email accounts. 
  • You get access to the MySQL database (limited to 10 MB). 
  • It supports SSL certificates with Let’s Encrypt for better data encryption and security.  
  • You receive technical support via tickets that have 1-hour response times. 

However, if you use Freehostia, you get to suffer from various drawbacks like: 

  • You get up to 250 MB of storage space, which can only support a few web pages and very small websites. Therefore, this will not be enough for even small websites. 
  • While you can host up to five different websites, you only get access to the MySQL database for only one website. Therefore, the other four websites must be static and cannot be dynamic. 

10. x10 Hosting 

x10Hosting is one of this list’s oldest and most reputed free WordPress hosting services. It first started operating in 2004 and has enjoyed two decades of success.  

Moreover, it’s one of the only cloud hosting services since it uses no servers to store your website data. 

Some of the best features of x10 Hosting are: 

  • This host has its website builder tool, which has an intuitive interface and is easy to use. 
  • If you design your website using its builder tool, you can access a library of over 150 customizable templates. 
  • You get free WordPress hosting with a domain or a free subdomain. 
  • You get up to 500 MB of cloud storage space with unlimited bandwidth. 
  • It has a one-click WordPress installer. 
  • You can use two different dashboards – cPanel or the x10 Custom Dashboard.  
  • You get full server access. 

However, the most significant disadvantages of using x10 Hosting in 2024 are: 

  • Their free WordPress hosting service is only available in a few countries. 
  • If you exceed their storage quota, you must get their premium plan for $4/month.  

Final Verdict 

All the ten free WordPress hosting platforms mentioned above are excellent services you can try out for ghosting your portfolio websites.

Moreover, students learning SEO, web development, and hosting will find these platforms super helpful in learning website hosting for free! 

However, if you have any queries, please comment below. Moreover, if there are other free WordPress hosting services, tell us about their names in the comments below. Thanks for reading! 

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