• Google recently fixed a Google Core Update bug that has been causing traffic to fall for many websites.
  • This Google October Core Update Bug was first discovered on October 5 and was recently patched on October 31.
  • The bug caused major Discover-related traffic issues for websites.

Google Core Updates can be a game-changing (or game-breaking) factor for many websites. Google has been releasing two major updates every year, which have the goal of improving the quality of the search results you get in SERPs. The same can be said for Google October 2023 Core Update – which unfortunately had a major bug in it.

After the October Update went live, webmasters have been complaining about how the Discover-related traffic on their websites fell significantly.

Therefore, webmasters initially thought that they might have been doing something wrong and needed to rethink their content marketing strategy.

However, it turns out they did nothing wrong. Instead, it was an error on Google’s end to roll out the October Core Update with a major bug. 

The Google Core Update Bug was first spotted on October 4 after the October Core Update had just been rolled out. However, Google didn’t let the public know of this error and instead fixed it silently behind the scenes. 

Recently, on October 31, the bug was fixed, and webmasters should now see an increase in their Discover-related traffic. If the Core Update did not negatively impact your site’s traffic, your Discover-related traffic should return to normal levels. 

So did this Google Core Update Bug cause any trouble for your website? Let us know in the comments below!

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