Custom GPT is a premier version of ChatGPT, which takes specific instructions and additional files to reference to craft a more tailor-made response for everyone.

Lately, marketing executives have been using this to their advantage. Lately, Kristi Hines, an associate news editor at Search Engine Journal, took the chance to share a few examples.

To begin with, it is helping digital marketers determine their content’s E-E-A-T. The Experience, Expertise, Authoritativeness, and Trustworthiness of content.

One which is known as the winning formula to build an authority website. Custom GPT has an AI version of a web analyst, which determines whether your content is.

The search results are credible as they use the crafted guidelines by the search quality rater. (Source)

Additionally, one can also add specific instructions like checking the current web browser to evaluate. You can add these reminders in the GPT builder extension called Create.

Some have even experimented with detailed instructions like engineered prompt response for your GPT, the knowledge you need it to provide, and conversation starters.

These are becoming a boom for marketers planning their foolproof email campaigns.

Furthermore, Custom GPT has been functioning through multimodal platforms. If you believe Google’s OpenAI can use your GPT’s personalized data, you can select that in the advanced settings. Basically, with custom GPT, you can now customize your OpenAI as well.

One more interesting feature of custom GPT is how well accessible you can make the knowledge. Once you save a certain content, you can do so with a private link (only accessible to you).

Or, you can make it public, which means everyone coming to the GPT Builder can access your customized content.

In a way, you can now write and then publish content in GPT with the help of GPT. For firms using the same Custom GPT, this will keep all data in one place. ‘Explore Under My GPT’ will show all your custom GPT.

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