Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon for some businesses to view accounting as a secondary aspect of their operations or as a burdensome obligation to fulfill. Industries must opt for hiring a CPA. 

However, it’s essential to understand that a CPA is much more than that: they are individuals who help achieve the goals and objectives of the company. Beyond maintaining accurate financial records and fulfilling tax obligations, a CPA should actively contribute to shaping the organization’s business strategy.

As industries keep growing, there are more complicated financial requirements. Crucial analysis and economic oversight are important when it comes to making staunch strategic decisions. Now this might be the time to question: is it significant to hire a CPA for a small business near me? Definitely.

Most startups begin with limited resources, and cost-saving becomes a crucial aspect of their market strategy. However, an accountant is one resource that cannot be overlooked before taking the first step or during the phases of business development.

So, again, having professional help can make the difference between a successful decision or not. Evans Sternau CPA can comprehend the subject and offer their best advice to make sure that things are on track and there’s no way you are losing money.

However, choosing a good accountant is not easy. In this article, you will find some practical guidelines to help your choice positively impact your business’s compliance and results.

The Main Roles And Responsibilities Of The CPA

The CPAs are highly experienced professionals who work in different settings. Moreover they play their own important roles for their clients or their professional space. Here we discuss some of the most common job duties for the CPAs, regardless of the different positions, and they include

Keeping Records

The CPAs manage the recording of the company’s financial records. They identify and understand the company requirements and recordings they need to manage. It is an integral part of the recording system. 

Tax Oversight

Tax files include a bunch of complex paperwork that requires specialized knowledge and experience. The CPAs possess all the experience and ensure that every paperwork and compliance are thoroughly managed to perfection.  They handle all the requirements, and it helps save time. 


 The CPAs serve as the financial experts. They are also a connecting element to the upper management of the organization. They, in consultation with the management, prepare important reports from the company’s point of view. 

Other than these, they are also responsible for preparing the organization’s internal audits.  It can help you understand your objectives. 

Recommendations For Hiring A CPA

In this section, we provide some recommendations for hiring a CPA. 

Internal or External Accountant?

Many small businesses do not reach a volume of financial transactions that justifies a full-time or even part-time internal accountant. In such cases, hiring an external accountant or a consulting and accounting services firm is a crucial first step for business growth and consolidation.

An external accounting firm can benefit you with financial planning, frequent reviews, reconciliations, up-to-date accounting, and ensuring good standing with state and local reporting and procedures. The fees of external accounting firms may be lower than the salary and benefits of a full-time professional.

However, as the business reaches high corporate levels and the fees of an external accountant or firm increase, you may find convenience and cost savings in hiring an internal accountant or establishing your accounting department.

Qualification Level

If your business is small and requires someone responsible for bookkeeping, reconciliations, reports, and basic accounting, a non-certified accountant or even an accounting assistant may be sufficient.

However, if you seek comprehensive advice on financial and tax best practices to optimize your expense structure and tax bill, you may consider the option of a Certified Public Accountant (CPA).

Evaluate Their Experience

When entrusting tax matters, financial documents, procedures, and state compliance to a single person or firm, experience is crucial. An important requirement is to verify the type of clients they handle and whether they have worked with or collaborated with companies similar to yours. This allows the professional better to understand the unique needs of your business model and contribute towards hiring a CPA.

Don’t Worry About Geographical Proximity

A few years ago, it was essential for your accounting team to be close to the company, its servers, and confined accounting programs. However, cloud computing has changed that priority. Today, you can establish a strong collaboration with your accounting team working remotely and with the support of technology.

Cloud-based ERP software allows you and your collaborators to view reports and information simultaneously, working on a segment of the general ledger, for example, and seeing the same records, regardless of their location.

You can work with the ideal accountant for your business remotely. Today, technology allows you to find a professional or a firm that truly understands the details of your business or industry, regardless of how far or close they are.

Versatility in Accounting Software and Applications

Accountants and firms may have their preferred accounting software, but if your company uses a different one, it could bring inherent costs, work, and errors. It’s important to find out the type of software they are proficient in and whether they use the same software you are familiar with. Alternatively, they should be willing to make concessions.

There is no reason why a professional or accounting firm cannot use more than one type of accounting software for different clients.

Choosing the ideal accountant for your business is not a decision to be taken lightly. Remember that they will be a partner, someone you trust with a significant portion of the management, compliance, and results of the business.

The accountant will be a resource for growth, managing complex financial requirements judiciously, providing advice on practical business matters, and enabling significant savings in procedures, time, and money.

It may not be a quick search, and you should not take it lightly. Take your time, interview candidates, and ask all the necessary questions. Remember that, in the long run, the benefits of hiring a CPA will be crucial for your company.

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