Dropshipping business, like any other, is very competitive, and if you want to make a profit, it is essential to perform market research to choose your product niche. Even though dropshipping is a business model where a drop shipper is not responsible for manufacturing and storing excess products, you want to succeed in business, waiting for one or two dropshipping commissions per month.

Considering the fact that the product market is vast for a more precise and fast choice, we recommend using one of the available market analysis software. These applications can also suggest seasonal products or recommend selling time and provide examples of successful sales in your niche. You will have tips on how to boost your sales based on a history overview of the proposed product niche.

Checkout Five Best Tools For Market Analysis

Best Tools For Market Analysis

Depending on your marketplace (where you will sell), you need to select a proper product research tool. We suggest in this article the top 5 tools for different platforms, and we hope that with these guides, you can build a competitive business within a short time. We describe the main functionality and provide the pros and cons of each tool.

1. Sell The Trend

Sell The Trend is an artificial intelligence product research and analysis tool. It searches among AliExpress and CJDropshipping best-selling products and helps manage further WooCommerce and Shopify sales. Sell The Trend can do listings and automatically fulfill orders by sending them from your store to the suppliers; it even tracks deliveries for you.

In addition to store management, it automates product pages and optimizes them for the best conversion. Moreover, you can use this tool for brand building, competitors and market analysis, and advertising. It can research the bestseller products and their ads in TikTok and create professional ads for Facebook audiences. With its ROI checker , you can order advertising campaigns from the best product niche influencers. 

It has two pricing plans – essential ($39.97 per month) and Pro ($99.97 per month). Essential could be used for 5000 products for three connected stores, while Pro offers unlimited products for 10 connected stores.


  • Perform a search of bestsellers in 83 popular e-commerce product niches
  • Detailed information regarding the most reliable suppliers
  • User-friendly web designer for product pages
  • Propose order fulfillment in one-click
  • Creator of video ads
  • Integration with AliExpress, CJDropshipping, WooCommerce and Shopify
  • Competitor analysis using AI Nexus engine

  • Courses are paid 
  • Expensive solution for beginners
  • No free version
  • Creates ads only for Facebook, not for TikTok

2. Terapeak

Terapeak is a free resource for eBay sellers already registered on Seller Hub. You need to have a Basic Store subscription to get it for free. There are two possibilities to use Terapeak – product research and sourcing insights.

This tool is for analyzing bestsellers on eBay. By checking reports, you can understand which product niches are trending now and how other drop shippers and sellers attract customers. 

The search can be performed by keywords or with numerous filters (country, price, listing type, etc.). The report includes info about average sales price, the number of unsold items (in stock), locations with the most sales of the products, average shipping costs, number of returns, and customer satisfaction level. 

Your team can use Terapeak as it supports multi-user account access. The Terapeak is available only through Seller Hub in the “Research” tab. 


  • Free with limitations
  • Wide range of detailed metrics in marketing analysis reports 
  • Possibility to explore the market for the last 365 days
  • Many filters and categories to find best-selling products
  • Multi-account access
  • Listings optimization and refreshment
  • Separate metrics for sourcing insights

  • Only for eBay sellers
  • For Free only for Basic Store subscription and higher
  • Only for market analysis
  • Metrics also include inaccurate and mistaken data of sellers

3. Dropship 

Another tool in our review is Dropship, which helps discover the hottest items to sell on most e-commerce platforms. This application has three editions: Basic $29/month, Standard $49/month, and Premium $79/month. Each edition gives you access to a robust database with millions of products to find your winning niche.

You also will get the possibility to study the market through your competitors to examine their listings. Twenty searches in two features limit the basic edition, while Standard and Premium packages have unlimited access.

If you want to investigate the functionality of particular stores (including premium ones for standard and premium editions), you can also track them through Dropship (10 vs. 25 vs. 50 stores in the editions accordingly). More than 75 thousand dropshippers already use this tool, including its Google Chrome Extension to track in real time the sales.


  • 7-day Free trial
  • Reveal bestsellers on the most popular e-commerce platforms (Shopify, Amazon, eBay, Wix, etc.)
  • Competitor research
  • Possibility to check the history of product sales
  • Possibility to check in real-time revenue of Shopify stores
  • Weekly renewed list of the best products
  • 24-hour customer support

  • Limited functionality
  • Only paid subscriptions
  • Lack of filters and categories for search
  • Tight limitations in product tracking

4. DropshipSpy

If you want to find quickly winning products for dropshipping, DropshipSpy is our recommendation. You can find more than 2500 bestsellers in his database from social networks (TikTok, Facebook, and Instagram) and AliExpress. You do not need to perform market research longer; customers already widely appreciate these products.

With DropshipSpy, you can analyze the market based on comments and likes on social networks, product ranks and keywords on Amazon websites, historical sales data, or Dropship indicators and scores for every product. Moreover, you can use this tool to prepare and target video ads for your Facebook audience. Finally, you can calculate your profit with this app.

DropshipSpy is available for free for the winning product of the month on the official website (social proof and AliExpress feature). The full functionality is available for $39/month with unlimited access.


  • Market research in social networks and AliExpress
  • Many possibilities to choose winning products by reviews, comments, keywords, historical trends, etc.
  • Access to Instagram influences in your product niche
  • Database of qualified vendors on AliExpress and CJDropshipping
  • Possibility to create video ads
  • Profit calculator

  • Only one subscription plan
  • A Limited number of Shopify stores are indexed
  • Some bugs in stores and product search
  • No free trial version

5. SaleSource

If you are still searching for a top market research tool, our last application SaleSource is definitely a good suggestion for you. This platform is built for e-commerce entrepreneurs, from Shopify merchants to agencies and investors.

With this app, you can set the perfect platform for your growing business, as it can propose bestsellers research and data analytics, AI sales algorithms, and advertising analytics through 835 million Shopify products and 100 million Suppliers. You can track daily sales of products or keep an eye on your competitors.

SaleSource offers four subscription plans: $89/month for Starter, $98/month for Professional, $399/month for Advanced, and $999/month for Elite. Already with Starter, you can research five products and check five competitors per day.


  • Search of trending products in real time
  • Synchronization with AliExpress and Shopify
  • 7-day Free trial
  • Available as Firefox and Chrome extensions
  • Access to all Shopify reviews
  • Analysis of marketing ads
  • Check of monthly traffic for selected stores

  • Only for Shopify dropshippers
  • Expensive
  • Starter and Professional packages have many limitations for analysis
  • $7 charge for the trial is non-refundable

market research tool


The number of tools for dropshipping automation is only increasing every year. All drop shippers have the possibility to perform essential tasks using AI and find the winning product based on detailed marketing research.

You can choose multi-functional apps like Sell The Trend or Dropship Spy, which can also be used for ad creation and order fulfillment, or you can use Terapeak or SaleSource for market research on the chosen e-commerce platform. There is no need to lose time anymore; starting to sell faster using market research tools is better!

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