• Microsoft is relaunching its 15-year-old pubCenter advertising app.
  • This online advertising app was first released 15 years ago and helps you manage ads from the Microsoft Advertising Network.
  • Now,  Microsoft positions this as a Google AdSense alternative, available to only US businesses.

If you have been looking for a worthy Google AdSense alternative, Microsoft has heard your pleas. The company is finally relaunching its 15-year-old Microsoft pubCenter advertising application to directly compete with Google.

Microsoft pubCenter was first launched in 2008 as a part of its Microsoft Advertising Network. However, it was later integrated with the Windows Store developer portal – DevCenter.

Now, Microsoft has decided to once again relaunch it as a standalone advertising app and platform.

pubCenter works just like Google AdSense. All you need to do is choose what type or format of ads you want and paste its code into your website. (Source)

Then, whenever an ad gets shown on your website, you get paid. If visitors click on the ads, you get paid even more!

Currently, Microsoft pubCenter is open for US-based small businesses and publishers. It’s limited open hints that Microsoft is still testing it, making it ready for a global launch for big businesses as well.

Microsoft encourages small businesses and solo publishers in the US to start using pubCenter because it will provide higher ad revenue and engagement compared to Google AdSense. This is what Microsoft had to say regarding the pubCenter relaunch:

“We offer flexible mediation – simply use our ads in the same units with Google AdSense, and we’ll only serve our ads when we can predict a higher bid for you. You can also place the Microsoft ad code on the same page alongside your other ads.”

So do you think pubCenter can compete head-on with Google AdSense? Let me know in the comments below!

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