• Google recently started a new YouTube series called “SEO Made Easy.”
  • This learning series on YouTube is aimed primarily towards SEO beginners, with some practical tips for professional SEO experts as well.
  • So far, only the first episode has been released, which deals with the usage of structured data to customize site names on SERPs.

If you want to get into the fascinating world of SEO, now is the best time to do so. Google has now made it easier for people to get into learning SEO for free with their new “SEO Made Easy” series of learning videos.

This YouTube series focuses on helping you learn how to improve your website’s SEO metrics and SERP rankings using the right SEO techniques.

Martin Splitt, a member of Google’s Search Relations team, has this to say about the inauguration of this new series:

“We have tips for beginners and experienced website owners. We will cover tips, such as using Google Search Console to find low-hanging fruit or using lazy loading for a better page experience.”

The first video of the series – “Introducing SEO Made Easy,” focuses on how you can use SEO to customize the way you can change the brand name of your website on Google search engine results page (SERPs). 

In the later episodes of this series to be released in the future, Split will touch upon various facets of SEO. Most episodes will deal with practical SEO tips for webmasters, SEO consultants, and SEO freelancers

The later episodes will dive in-depth into the world of SEO by exploring various SEO strategies that you can use to make your website more visible on SERPS and even rank higher in it to bring in more traffic.

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