Statistics show that 78% of Americans are now familiar with podcasting, and the monthly podcast listeners have increased by 61.5% in over 3 years.

The growth in the podcasting industry means that when done right, podcasting can be a great way to boost your SEO strategy by improving your brand’s visibility, attracting new traffic, and growing your brand online.

This article will examine how podcasting works to improve your SEO strategy and the different ways to improve your podcasting.

Let’s get started.

Why You Should Include Podcasting To Boost your SEO Strategy

Podcasting comes with tons of benefits for your SEO. Let’s find out the numerous ways podcasting improves your SEO strategy below.

1. It Increases Your Organic Search Traffic

Podcasting is powerful in increasing your search engine results. Although in the past, these wouldn’t have been possible because no matter how often a keyword is mentioned in a recording, it won’t do much for SEO.

However, now, the story is a lot different. Podcasters don’t have to rely on the keywords in their podcasts to improve their organic search traffic through the help of transcription tools.

Transcription tools help convert your audio to text so your podcasts can rank on search engines.

By transcribing your podcast to text or subtitling your podcasts, it becomes easier for the search engines to rank your podcasts based on the relevant keywords your audience is looking for.

For example, when your audience searches for words or phrases in your transcribed podcasts, the search engine recognizes these keywords and places your podcasts where your audience can find them easily.

By increasing the accessibility and ranking of your podcasts, you can gain more traffic on your website to increase the number of people who listen to your podcasts.

2. Podcasts Boost Your Traffic Through A Consistent Schedule

Podcasting often works with a regular schedule. This schedule helps boost the consistency that increases your SEO.

This is because by posting regularly, you send a signal to the search engine algorithm that you are a consistent and trustworthy content creator that deserves to be seen by your audience.

Therefore, the search engine ranks your website among the top results so your audience can locate your site quickly, thereby increasing your website traffic.

Apart from the search engine algorithm, your listeners also appreciate a consistent schedule. This goes a long way in increasing the number of people who listen to your podcast when you post on a regular schedule.

For example, if you have a consistent time you post, perhaps two times a week, your audience can look forward to these days and tune in on those days to listen, unlike when you post without a consistent and specific schedule.

3. It Increases Your Engagement

The increasing number of podcast listeners means your podcasts will always receive excellent engagement when you post, provided you create content your audience finds valuable.

Also, when you work with a consistent schedule, your posts are bound to receive high engagement whenever you post. More website visitors will troop in to listen to your podcast, many of your listeners will drop their comments, like and share your podcast across several platforms.

The traction your website receives at that period attracts the search engine algorithm attention and proves that your content is valuable. So, the search engine ranks your content higher for more people to see it.

4. Podcasts Allow You To Repurpose Your Content For More Visibility

One of the fantastic features of podcasts is that they can be repurposed into different formats to meet the needs of a wide range of people.

For example, your podcasts can be repurposed into blog posts, videos, infographics, social media posts, and many more.

This enables you to increase your podcast’s reach to meet many people. If a fraction of your audience doesn’t enjoy listening to podcasts and prefer reading your blogs, repurposing your podcast to a blog post can get the blog reading fraction of your audience to consume your content.

Also, if you figure out that some of your audience prefers to consume your content in digestible bits rather than listen to your podcast, you can convert your podcasts to infographics and social media content (Tiktok videos, instagram reels, snapchat, etc..) to satisfy your social media audience.

Your ability to accommodate your audience’s varying needs by repurposing your podcasts’ content can increase your visibility across different platforms and increase the number of people who consume your content.

5. Podcasting Makes It Easier For Your Audience To Scan Your Content

When done correctly, podcasts can make it easy for the search engine to scan your content to improve your search engine rankings.

However, to make your content scannable, you have to label and transcribe your podcast correctly to get the right results. For example, use transcription tools to convert your podcasts to texts and structure them effectively.

Use the correct keyword titles and tags. Use alt-text to label your visuals and ensure to leave enough space within texts. All these combine to make your content scannable for search engine rankings and easier to consume for your audience.

Best Practices To Improve Our Podcast’s SEO

For your podcasts to improve your SEO strategy, you need to make your podcasts SEO friendly. The following strategies can help optimize your podcast SEO to improve your SEO strategy. Let’s check them out below.

1. Transcribe Your Podcasts

One of the best ways to optimize your podcast for SEO is to transcribe your podcast into text.

Transcribing your podcast into text with a transcription tool like Happy Scribe would make it easier for the search engine to consume your content.

Also, make it easier for the engine to rank your transcribed text by including relevant keywords you know your audience is looking for.

When you use relevant keywords in the podcast, the search engine can identify that your podcast relates to what your users are searching for and show it at the top search results for your audience to see.

2. Build backlinks

Getting backlinks are a great way to build your authority in your field and provide extra value to your audience.

This mainly works when you transcribe your podcasts to text. By providing valuable content, authoritative sites can link to your website, which helps build your credibility and improve your website’s reach.

Also, inserting relevant links to your podcast can help you provide advertorial value to your listeners and improve collaborations to help your business grow.

3. Invite Guests To Your Podcast

Inviting guests to your website increases your visibility and attracts more traffic to your site.

When you invite guests to your podcast, you open the door for their audience to visit your website and listen to your podcasts.

Their listeners will listen to your podcast, share, and invite other people to listen too. In the process of doing that, you will gain more visibility and attract more visitors to your site.

Besides, before your podcast session, your guests are more likely to promote your podcast on their platform and invite their followers to tune in. This, therefore, works to help you gain more popularity and increase traction on your website.

4. Make Guest Appearances

Guest appearances is an effective strategy to promote your podcast and gain more traffic to your site.

For example, when you appear on someone’s podcast, you expose your brand to your host’s listeners and allow them to check out your podcast and subscribe. This way, you will be able to attract more visibility and gain more visitors to your site.

5. Develop A Good Title

Relevant titles will likely make it to top engine search results. So, while you want to keep your title fancy and catchy, you should also ensure your title is relevant to the content in your podcast.

It should give a clear insight into what your podcast is about so your listeners have an idea of what they are about to listen to. Rather than generalize your podcast title, keep it specific to what your podcast is about and what your listeners will learn by listening.

By doing this, you can attract the right listeners who will find your podcast useful and engage with your podcast by commenting and sharing with other people they know will find your podcasts helpful.

Include the right keywords where necessary, so they can show up when people make relevant searches to boost your traffic.

While you stick to a relevant title with the right keywords, also make sure to keep it compelling and exciting to intrigue your audience to listen.


Podcasts are excellent for improving your SEO strategy to boost your exposure and increase more footprints on your site.

This article discusses five ways podcasting helps improve your SEO strategy, why you should adopt podcasting to enhance your SEO strategy, and SEO practices you can employ to set your podcast’s SEO for success.

Podcasting improves your SEO strategy by increasing your engagement, increasing traffic to your website through consistent scheduled posting, enhancing your organic search traffic, and expanding your content reach.

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