Google search relations consisting of Martin Splitt, Gary Illyes, and John Mueller have stated that it is vital to resolve basic technical SEO issues before diving into other complex strategies.

However, they emphasized how several sites continue grappling with common issues like crawling issues, indexation issues, and inefficient page rendering.

The foundational factors that these plays are crucial when it comes to enhancing a site’s positioning in the search results.

The foundational factors on which these plays are crucial for enhancing a site’s positioning SERP.

The essential considerations that shape a site’s success on search results. Therefore, the group suggests resolving the critical technological issues before any other optimization.

As is normally the case in SEO, most attention focuses on the new tricks and latest fashions.

However, Google’s Search Off The Record podcast team reminded us that you must understand what it takes to walk before running.

According to Splitt, Illyes, and Mueller, many sites still need help solving basic technical problems. These are page rendering, indexing, and efficient crawling.

A site’s ranking in search results is heavily based on these fundamental components. Hence, it should be dealt with before addressing some minor optimizations. (Source)

 Technical SEO entails optimizing the site’s structure and setup by making it more navigable and crawlable for search engines.

Technical SEO entails the hidden side of a website that differs from content creation and promotion.

In essence, the message resounds: focus on fundamental principles of technical SEO first, and then only with enough preparation one delve into newer concepts or pursue the latest fad.

Websites can set a solid foundation for a better position. Simply focus on search engines by focusing extensively on the matters of crawlability, indexing, and page rendering. 

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