Video marketing as a concept for marketers has drastically evolved, thanks to the increasing consumption of videos over the years.

As per Social Pilot, people spend close to 18 hours per week watching videos online.

For marketers, videos play an integral role where they help make their brands pop on viewers’ screens.

The biggest reasons for videos taking over are that they align with mobile consumption trends, enhance engagement, build emotional connection, and are highly shareable.

Thus, videos have become a superior choice for promotional activities. 

And so, a forward-thinking video marketing strategy is important for businesses to stay in their viewers’ minds and also be a step ahead of their competitors.

Let’s discuss a few important tips and tricks to help shape your video marketing strategy:

1. Bite Size Content Always Works:

Embrace short-form content that resonates with people in the era of goldfish-like attention spans. 

Create snackable videos for platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels. 

Hook your viewers with important information first, and get your brand message across between 30-45 seconds. 

Tip: Instead of investing in expensive and time-consuming live commercials, explore short animated explainer videos and communicate quickly.

2. Leverage AI to Your Benefit:

Explore the usability of AI and VR in video marketing, as it will improve your video quality and enhance user experience. 

From personalized video recommendations and AI-generated thumbnails to dynamic content optimization and automated video editing, AI is used everywhere.

As per Wyzowl’s Video Marketing Statistics Report 2024, around 75% of video marketers said they’ve taken the help of AI tools to enhance their video production process.

Best examples include streaming services like Netflix and YouTube that use AI to analyze personal behavior and viewing history of users to improve user engagement. 

Focus on finding out what type of videos will help you generate more traffic. Ask your audience by putting up polls and quizzes to get better ideas and then create personalized content using AI. 

3. Show Stories that Your Audience Wants to See:

Don’t just talk about your brand and explain how authentic it is. Ditch the boring advertisements and show the real you. 

Create behind-the-scenes employee testimonials and share customer stories to show your brand personality. 

According to Forbes, TikTok stands out as one of the best platforms for sharing BTS content, especially for small & medium-sized business owners.

Try inculcating a sense of storytelling into your marketing videos. Avoid keeping them flat and just product-oriented. Instead, narrate how your products will help ease their problems through humor, anecdotes, etc.

This will automatically help you establish brand identity and increase loyalty in your target audience’s minds.

“Storytelling is an inevitable part of today’s video marketing campaigns. It’s an authentic way of building stronger, longer, and deeper connections with your existing & potential customers” - Komal Chaturvedi, Co-Founder & CEO at MotionGility.

4. Remember, Quality is what Matters:

Quality videos enhance customer engagement and showcase how professional your approach is towards your services.

Make sure each stage is smartly planned, from scriptwriting to editing. 

Clear audio, compelling visuals, and seamless editing can make your video outshine your competitors. 

Here’s how Rebrandly ensured its product is well-communicated using quality visuals and smooth transitions:

Rebrandly – One of the Best URL Shorteners (Link Shortener) | Motion Graphics Video

5. Captions for the Win:

Captions are silent storytellers that make for a win-win situation for marketers. 

Create captions to enhance user experience, enrich your storytelling, and expand your reach to different audiences. 

Doing so will inject your brand voice into captions and build anticipation in your viewers’ minds. Use bold or different-colored text to emphasize important information. 

Include subtitles in your video. They make your video more searchable on Google and help improve viewer education and content consumption.

6. Call-To-Action:

Don’t leave your audience in between confused about the next step. 

Express your thoughts and be clear about what you want your audience to do next. 

It could be visiting your website, subscribing to your channel, liking your video, sharing it in your community, or making a final purchase.

7. Find ways to generate UGC Content

UGC content strategy is capitalizing on the content created by your customers to enhance your marketing efforts.

For the same, create short videos promoting social media campaigns, contests, incentives offering lead magnets, etc., that can be offered to users in exchange for engagement.

This will help boost the engagement rate on videos, build trust, increase revenue, and of course, increase customer retention.

Here’s what Alex Cattoni of Copy Posse feels about the importance of short-form videos [excerpt from her LinkedIn post]:

8. Create SEO-Friendly Videos:

SEO is the king when it comes to online marketing. 

So to ensure your video climbs to the top of SERP, optimize your video titles, descriptions, and tags with relevant keywords. 

Remember to mention those keywords in your video scripts and create SEO-friendly captions. All these elements will improve accessibility and searchability.

9. Cross-Platform Strategy:

A successful cross-platform video marketing strategy requires a dash of creativity with data. 

Study the data and know what your audience likes, create videos in optimal formats and lengths, and be experimental. 

Produce tutorial videos from which engaging shorts for YouTube Shorts, TikTok, and Instagram Reels can be created.

10. Metrics and Analytics:

Rely on key social metrics to refine your strategy further. Some important ones include views, watch time, engagement, CTR, and shares. 

Paying attention to your social media analytics can offer you in-depth insights into what’s working and what’s not.

Conversion rates are for product-based industries.—Audience retention is another key metric to track through bounce rates. 

Remember these 6 Technical & Analytical points before preparing your Next Video Marketing Strategy:

Video Marketing Strategy
  • Invest in better editing software: 

Basic editing, too, requires software. We recommend you invest in better editing software to create polished videos that will get you the desired eyeballs. 

It can enhance your videos with cuts, transitions, and text overlays.

The best video editing software video marketing professionals prefer is Adobe Premiere Pro, Final Cut Pro, Da Vince, Clipchamp, etc.

  • Explore stock footage and music: 

Royalty-free resources are another treasury that can add variety and professionalism to your videos, thus making them engaging without breaking the bank. 

You can use compelling visuals like B-roll footage, graphics, and animations to break up text and keep viewers engaged.

  • Stay informed: Trends and algorithms change quickly as the user focus shifts. 

So, keep up with the latest video marketing news, trending videos, and best practices to stay ahead of the curve. 

  • Repurposing is Gold: Create foundational videos for your video marketing strategy. 

Make one video that you can turn into bite-sized clips to grab user attention. Stick to your brand message and align it with your audience’s interests. 

Give valuable information through tutorials, interviews, or podcasts, and then create shorts. Extract key quotes or behind-the-scenes snippets for Instagram Stories, and use captivating visuals for eye-catching Pinterest pins.

  • Be consistent: Building a loyal fan base needs consistent efforts. Moreover, being regular with your videos will keep your audiences glued and generate anticipation for your next masterpiece. 

Thus, we recommend you begin creating content calendars so you don’t run out of content.

  • Stay curious and be experimental: As the video landscape evolves, you will see new trends, new formats, features, and platforms. 

Don’t restrain yourself to one platform or one format; rather, push your creative boundaries and be experimental. After all, an experiment is always a fun idea!

In Conclusion

Creating a video marketing strategy is a dynamic process where you must keep yourself updated with your audiences’ interests.

So, the next time you sit down, focus on creating an engaging and audience-centric strategy to stay ahead of your competitors.

Embrace the change, use the above tactics, and incorporate them into your video marketing strategy to generate measurable results.

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