Google Gemini Is The New Replacement For Google Bard And Assistant    Google has recently updated Gemini AI so that it can soon replace Google assistant on all devices. 

Google One AI Price  The Google One AI Premium Plan costs $19.99 / £18.99 / AU$32.99 a month. Moreover, you get your first two months for free.

Google One AI Features   Google One give you access to advanced Google Gemini AI features like its Ultra 10 AI chatbot that lets you code, generate text and images, and more!

Google One AI Benefits   Along with its AI features, you also get access to up to 2 TB of Google Drive storage, along with integration with all Google productivity apps.

Should You Get Google One AI Premium?  Since Google One is shaping up to be an alternative to ChatGPT Plus, you can try using it for two months (for free) and see whether it suits your work or not.