Google’s Gemini AI: Is This The Next Big Leap For AI? The multimodal model of Google's Gemini AI is able to give you intelligible answers on almost any prompt.  It also works with music and speech prompt, paving the way for AI in future.

"What Is Gemini AI? Gemini AI, outperforming ChatGPT in many academic tests, is a multimodal model to understand, operate and combine various forms of information. The forms of information include speech, text, images, music, etc."

Gemini AI Versions Gemini AI has three versions. The Gemini Nano version performs on device tasks. Further the Pro version can do multiple tasks and the Ultra version is most suitable for complex tasks.

What Can Gemini AI Do? Gemini AI reads prompts from different information modalities. It is able to read and understand information from sources like books and chat logs, as well.

Answering Questions Gemini AI has surpassed other models in answering complex questions. It also offers reasoning for better clarity.