Topic Cluster For SEO   If you want your website to rank more in Goole SERPs (Search Engine Results Page), then you must implement topic clusters in your website.

What Are Topic Clusters?   As the name suggests, topic clusters incolve braking down a core topic into smaller sub-topics to publish content on each sub-topic separately.

Why Are Topic Clusters Important For SEO? Topci clusters are important for SEO because it improves user experience (UX) of your website, along with boosting your website's topical authoeity over your website's niche - whcih makes ranking easier on SERPs.

Improve Your User Experience   Segregating your website in tpopic clusters helps imporve the user experience (UX) becaue it makes it easier for your website visitors to seartch for topil content in an effectuive manner, since they are no crammed inside one web page.

How To Create Topic Clusters For Your Website?   You must create topic cluster by having your core topic segregated into two parts - a pillar page (the main content that introduces ypour audeince to the topic) and publishing content on various sub-topics that are a part of the core topic.