• X has sued left-leaning nonprofit organization Media Matters for their criticism of X’s advertising moderation.
  • Media Matters has previously commented that XZ serves ads on posts that cater to pro-Nazi and pro-Hitler content.
  • After Media Matters posted its comment, several companies stopped advertising on X – placing them in this predicament.

X has recently sued left-leaning nonprofit organization Media Matters for their comments against X’s advertisement moderation policy.

According to Media Matters, X posts ads of big brands like Apple besides content that caters to the pro-Nazi community.

Last week, Elon Musk openly supported antisemitic conspiracy theories on X. His public endorsement of such antisemitic facts has faced condemnation from the Jewish community while receiving praise from white nationalists. 

These facts have all led to only one thing – advertisers pulling out from X. Analytical intelligence has proven that content serving pro-Nazi and antisemitic groups should not be promoted on any social media platform.

Therefore, to preserve their customer bases, any advertiser will pull out from their ads being displayed on such content. 

Moreover, Elon endorses antisemitic conspiracy theories, along with his advocacy for “freedom of speech,” which has cost him a lot.

Due to such news surfacing on X, advertisers, along with the spread of misinformation regarding the Israel-Hamas conflict, advertisers are leaving X one after the other. 

However, Elon seems to now take matters into his own hands by directly suing Media Matters. The reason for the sue? Their comments have forced many advertisers to flee from X – a business loss. 

However, there is one more interesting thing uncovered about Media Matters. Ken Paxton, the Attorney General of Texas, has investigated this matter.

According to them, Media Matters has “manipulated” X’s algorithm to bypass safeguards to create screenshots where Apple ads appear alongside racist content. 

Therefore, he says that these ads being shown there were “inorganic” in nature. Media Matters simply started purposely seeking out racist posts alongside posts about Apple products until it saw an instance where they both appeared together.

So, what do you think of this lawsuit? Does Elon have the upper hand here, or is Media Matters a new whistleblower? Let us know in the comments below!

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