There are many different advertising agencies in Madrid but only a few of them have the budget and the know-how to do what they do best. If you have an idea for an advertising campaign in Madrid or want to do some creative work, contact one of the advertising agencies in Madrid. Just having one contact means that your idea or project will be given a lot more consideration than it would if you were to try and approach every advertising agency in Madrid – it simply doesn’t work that way.

Advertising agencies in Madrid, like all other creative centers, have an enormous number of projects running at any given time. As such, they are always looking to expand their range of services and their clientele.

Best Advertising Agencies in Madrid

Madrid is a very diverse city and encompasses a broad spectrum of people and interests. This combination makes the advertising agencies in Madrid very unique in the world of creative design.

There is no one particular advertising agency in Madrid that does exactly what they do best, and this is what makes the city so exciting and varied as a place to work. There are always plenty of advertising agencies in Madrid to offer their services.

1. Promenade Management

One of the advertising agencies in Madrid that are most popular is Promenade Management. This company is led by Armand Galdo. It is one of the most successful advertising agencies in Spain, and its work ranges across a range of sectors.

Promenade Management also designs large posters and banners as well as other large-scale advertising. The company is led by a group of highly skilled individuals – which has helped it develop a reputation as one of the most successful creative advertising agencies in the country.

2. Arturo Dolce

Another popular advertising agency in Madrid is the artistic powerhouse called Arturo Dolce. The group consists of talented people who are almost cult-like in their creativity. Their clients include both big corporations and individuals. Most of the work that is produced by Arturo Dolce and his creative team is highly original and beautiful.

One of the most innovative advertising agencies in Madrid is Arturo Systems. It works with a series of creative directors who are all devoted to creating work for their clients.

The agency is headed by NestorVillas and there are a series of projects that they have launched that have really made a splash. They have worked on everything from TV ads to full-length movies, and everything in between.

The Final Thoughts

Other advertising agencies in Madrid that are worth looking into are Ciebel, whom we mentioned above, and Adtran, which have done some great work (think of their “The Wave” campaign). The creative team of Ciebel is headed by Nestor Villas, and they have an extensive portfolio of work. Adtran, on the other hand, is headed up by Josep Arcelas.

Adtran’s work is more subdued, but it is a very good agency to check out if you are looking for advertising agencies in Madrid – you will not go wrong here.

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