Since the use of AI has drastically increased in the last few years (especially with the boom of ChatGPT), using an AI essay detector tool has become necessary for content creation businesses to weed out the lazy ones and publish authentic content.

Therefore, read this post to find out about 10 of the best AI content detection tools that you can use right now!

10 Best AI Essay Detector Tools

The 10 Best AI Essay Detector Tools you should start using now to detect AI content generation are:

1. GPTZero

The easiest AI essay detector tool

GPTZero is an amazing AI Essay Detector that I have used recently. It’s completely free to use, along with having one of the most simple and easy-to-use interfaces.

This tool was created by a student from Princeton to detect AI-written content in projects submitted by his peers. What GPTZero does is use AI to detect familiar patterns in one’s writing.

If you have used ChatGPT before, then you will know that its responses often follow a familiar structure – which GPTZero can identify easily.

However, just like most essay AI detectors on this list, it can sometimes be inaccurate. I wrote a few paragraphs by myself to check this tool, and it showed an 80% AI written rating.

2. Turnitin

Best detector for academic institutions

If you do academic writing, then you already know what Turnitin is. It’s one of the most popular tools used by students and universities to check the integrity of submitted projects and dissertations. 

While it’s mostly been used as a plagiarism detector, it has now expanded its functionality to detect AI-written content. This effectively makes it an AI essay detector and an AI paraphrasing detector now!

However, you can only use this tool if you are part of an educational organization. Therefore, even though it’s free of cost, you must be a teacher or an examiner to use this tool.

3. Trinka

Best AI detector for technical writers

Similar to the likes of Turnitin, Trinka is another famous AI easy detector tool used by academics. This tool is popular amongst academics and technical writers since it has a Grammarly tool to make them perfect.

Moreover, it’s pretty good as an AI essay detector since it uses a detection algorithm called iThenticate. It has a large database and can easily find out AI writer patterns in youe text.

However, Trinka is not a free AI essay detector. It has a monthly subscription price of $20, which is relatively cheap.

4. Sapling

A good AI detector with a better pro plan

While its accuracy as an AI essay detector tool has not been tested yet, Sapling is a great tool. Many users have recommended it as one of the more accurate detection skills.

It’s a free tool with premium pricing plans. While you can use most of its features for free, they are limited by its daily use quotas. If you wish to use more, probably in your organization, then you have to subscribe to its Pro plan for $25.

5. AI Text Classifier (Beta)

AI Text Classifier
Made by the creators themselves

If you want a direct solution from the creators of AI essay writing tools, then here is one for you.

AI Text Classifier is an AI essay detector tool made by the creators of ChatGPT – OpenAI. Since it’s currently in Beta, you might not be able to use its full version yet. However, I believe this tool might be the best one out there, considering the fact that it’s made by OpenAI.

Unlike other tools on this list, it simply says how “likely” your content is written by AI (instead of percentages). Keep track of its website to see when it opens up for limited beta tests, which OpenAI does often. 

6. Plagibot

Plagiarism and AI, all in one

While Plagibot started out as an essay plagiarism detector tool, it got updated recently, incorporating more AI essay detection features. 

This is a free tool that will be perfect for you to give it a go. It has a simple user interface, and you simply need to copy-paste your content to detect anything fishy in it! You may also upload a Word or Doc file directly as well.

7. Content At Scale

Content At Scale

As the name suggests, Content at Scale is one of the better AI essay detection tools for businesses. This AI detector can scour through multiple articles at once, which is best for content writing and copywriting businesses.

Businesses prefer this tool because it uses machine learning and advanced language learning to better identify AI text. However, it has a starting subscription plan of $250 per month for businesses.

Keeping originality intact

If you want clear and concise reports for detecting AI content, Originality AI might be what you are looking for. 

It has a high accuracy rate, with its reports detailing which sections of the document might be AI-generated. However, it has a subscription price of $14.95 per month. You can try out its free trial version for a few days before subscribing. 

You can check out my review here to find out how well this AI essay detector works.

9. Winston AI

Winston AI

Winston AI is a great AI generated essay detector that many professionals prefer using. In addition to being an AI essay writer detector, it also detects plagiarism in your content. So no cheating here!

This AI essay detector has two pricing plans – one for $12 and the other for $19. Go to its official website from the link above to check them out!

10. Passed AI

Passed AI
So, did you pass the AI detection test?

Passed AI is a specially trained AI essay detector. Many researchers made this tool specifically to analyze AI content generated using GPT-J, GPT-NEO, and GPT-3.

In addition, you can check how many edits a piece of content has and when these edits took place. Therefore, it makes it easy to catch cheating on the fly for $9.99 per month!

Final Thoughts

Each of these AI essay detector tools caters to different writing needs, whether it’s grammar checking, style improvement, paraphrasing, or professional editing. Choose the one that aligns with your specific requirements and budget constraints for the best results in your writing endeavors.

Let me know in the comments below which of these tools you have used and which one you think is the best!

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