Link building has become one of the best ways to get your website ranking at the top of Google SERPs. Sure, it’s not the only technique out there. Creating high-quality, relevant content is also equally important. However, broken link building is one of the best-advanced link-building strategies for building more backlinks in 2024 – which new websites are sleeping on.

Broken link building is important in 2024 since fixing your links – and those of other websites – helps create a good linking ecosystem. Therefore, it enables you to improve your website’s SEO health – and get more backlinks from authority sites as well.

However, how to do broken link building? What is the right way to do so in 2024?

If you wish to know the answers to these questions, read this post till the end.

What Is Broken Link Building

Before you understand what broken link building is, you must first learn more about its main subject – broken links.

If you are reading this post, you must already know what backlinks are. These links to your website are present on other websites and vice-versa. Getting lots of backlinks to your website is necessary in 2024 since it boosts your website’s DA (Domain Authority) rating.

Therefore, the higher your website’s DA rating is, the higher your website will rank on Google SERPs! Consequently, you will get more traffic and gain more Google AdSense revenue!

However, we often find that these links to our websites become “broken” – which means it’s either inactive or the page or link has been removed. Therefore, these dead backlinks are referred to as Broken Backlinks.

Typically, when you click on a broken backlink, you will mostly get a “404 Not Found” page. However, if you have too many broken backlinks on your website or to it, your website’s overall SEO score will go down. The result – a decrease in SERP ranking and traffic.

Therefore, to gain more backlinks, a new way has become popular in 2024 – broken link building.

Here, you analyze other websites on the internet, especially of niche relevant authority sites and those of your competitors. After you analyze their backlinks profile and filter all broken backlinks – you can create the perfect content to replace those broken backlinks with links to your webpage.

Therefore, it keeps the links intact on their websites – along with giving you free high authority backlinks! This helps improve the SEO scores of both your website and other websites!

Why Does Broken Link Building Work In 2024

If you have been sleeping on broken link building for so long, then it’s time for you to wake and smell the link juice!

Broken link building provides lots of benefits to you and other websites! Therefore, the primary reasons why broken link building is one of the best link building strategies in 2024 are:

Find The Right Link Baits

Link bait refers to new content ideas and topics that have the potential to fetch lots of traffic. Moreover, such content is called “link bait” because they’re like linkable assets – the information in them is so valuable and unique that other websites will want to link to them.

Therefore, if you analyze the broken backlinks of high-authority websites, you can find out what content they wish to link to. Moreover, you can analyze these broken backlinks and determine their content type. Therefore, you can get new content ideas – the type of high-authority websites want to link to.

Earn Backlinks From High Authority Domains

A backlink from a high-authority domain means a lot to Google. It’s a sign that your content is of high quality. It’s a sign that your content is so good that the best niche websites wish to link to it.

Therefore, if you do broken link building with high-authority websites in your niche, then it becomes easier to get backlinks. All you must do is create good content to replace their broken backlinks, and that’s it!

Moreover, apart from inheriting their broken backlinks, you might get more backlinking offers from them. However, this is only possible if you provide quality content that is relevant and unique to your niche.

Now that you know what broken link building is and why it’s important in 2024, it’s time for you to learn how to do broken link building.

Therefore, after appointing SEO freelancers or an SEO consultant for this task, it’s time to set and follow your broken link building strategy for 2024!

Identify Broken Backlinks

Your first step in broken link building is identifying broken backlinks of your website. These will be the links from other websites that point to your website.

The best way to do so is by using SEO tools like Ahrefs, Semrush, and various Semrush alternatives. All these tools have amazing features like a Backlink Checker that lets you audit your website’s Backlink Profile.

Once you use these tools to analyze your backlinks, you will get an entire list of all web pages with toxic or broken backlinks. Moreover, if you click on the website name, you will find the list of all broken backlinks.

Now, you quickly analyze each of these backlinks and find out why they are broken. Moreover, you can contact the webmaster of those websites and ask them why they removed backlinks to your website.

If they say that they have found better alternatives to your content that they were backlinking to, then you can recommend a better or different piece of content instead for link building.

Identify Broken Backlinks Of Competitors

Do you think that always being at war with your competitor websites is the best way to do business? The answer – is no.

Instead of trying to take them down, why not provide them with broken link-building services and boost your website? Moreover, it also boosts the SEO score of their website as well!

Therefore, you can use any of the tools above to analyze and audit the backlink profile of your competitor websites. Now, once you get a list of all their web pages that have broken backlinks on them, all you must do is provide them with similar content so that they can give you backlinks instead!

Moreover, when you are analyzing their backlink profile, check for broken backlinks that belong to your niche. Therefore, don’t waste time trying to chase backlinks not relevant to your niche.

Evaluate Link Building Opportunities

After fixing your broken backlinks and providing better content to your competitors’ broken backlinks, it’s time to audit the backlink profile of high-authority websites in your niche. This is important since it gives you ample broken link building opportunities to boost your website’s DA.

Moreover, backlinks that you get from such high-authority websites will always fetch you more value than backlinks from other websites.

Therefore, use the same tools above to audit the backlink profile of high-authority websites. Here, your target must be to find content that they link to, not the other way around. If high authority websites link to specific content, it means that it’s valuable.

Therefore, once you find the broken backlinks of these websites, try to publish high-quality content for them on the topics. This is necessary since you are not begging for backlinks – you are providing them with valuable content to link to.

Authority websites with a high DA score are more likely to link to valuable content. Therefore, analyze such content gaps and present them with good content!

Step 4. Identify Contacts For Outreaching

Identify Contacts For Outreaching

Apart from authority websites, you must also approach other niche-relevant websites for gaining backlinks. Therefore, try to outreach to these websites and request them for backlinks.

Typically, they will provide you with backlinks if you create guest posts for them. This is one reason why guest posting is a good broken link building strategy in 2024.

Moreover, you can audit their backlink profiles and find content that they were previously pointing to. If you can find this out, then you can analyze the topic and one-up it to create better content.

Therefore, once you present this better piece of content that they were previously backlinking to, there’s a high chance that they will link to you instead!

However, before you outreach, ensure that you have a directory of niche-relevant websites ready.

Step 5. Pitch In

Pitch In

An important aspect of your broken link building strategy for outreach is to create an attractive pitch. When you request them for backlinks or provide them with better content to replace broken backlinks, make a pitch with an offer that they cannot refuse.

Therefore, if you can explain why your content is valuable and why they should link to it, they will be more likely to backlink to you. This is any day better than sending cold emails requesting backlinks.


Now that you know what broken link building is, why it works, and how to do so in 2024, it’s time for you to enhance your website’s backlink profile!

If you follow the broken link building strategies above, then you will quickly get links to your website. This will improve your DR, Google SERP ranking, website traffic, and AdSense revenue steadily over time!

Thanks for reading this post. If you have any queries, please comment below!

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