You have created your blog, that’s great; however, you have some work left. Bringing it to your targeted audience is as important as creating it. So how can this be accomplished? In this post, we will unpack some of the most effective approaches to promoting your blog and driving traffic to it effectively.

How to Promote Your Blog: 9 Ways to Increase Traffic:

1. Creating High-Quality Content:

Creating High-Quality Content

It is the rule of the thumb – it is imperative to create value for your audience. Give them a reason to come back again and again to read. Cultivating a passionate and consistent audience is the dream of every blogger. However, doing it is dependent on developing content that fills a gap in the society, provides value to the reader, and thus creates a need for continuous consumption of the content.

Blogs have occupied a pivotal sphere in the global structure and flow of information. Although a vast majority of them is not peer-reviewed, they have established ways to develop their authenticity and credibility by focusing on real issues. This allows them to create real value for businesses (such as bloggers in the fashion industry), fill a gap in the community, and thus drive traffic to their sites, even when they are up against some of the mainstream outlets.

Focusing on creating the best quality content establishes credibility for a blog. This, in itself, is important in promoting such a blog and driving traffic towards it.

In many cases, niche-blogging has been shown to have significant success. It allows the blogger to enhance the quality of content compared to a broad approach, which means that some content might suffer in terms of quality.

2. Email Marketing:

Email Marketing

Promoting your blog and driving a surge in traffic to your blog can be achieved by establishing a warm and personal relationship with your targeted audience. What is more personal than having access to their email?

Building and prioritizing your email list is a good way to transform organic traffic into engaged readers that will rely o you for cool, informative, challenging, reflective, educative, or entertaining stuff on your blog. Engaging at this level will also guarantee that the readers will keep coming back to your blog for more content or perspective.

Your email establishes a cycle that will drive traffic to your blog. The email list you develop will allow you to send them articles directly to their inbox once such an article(s) goes live. They will read it and share it with people they know or within their social circles. Then those people will subscribe and share the article further. The cascading effect will establish a platform for not only promoting your blog but also driving marked traffic to it.

The efficacy of email marketing can be bolstered by optimizing the send time. Therefore, it is important to understand the absolute best times to send the email to your target audience and thus leveraging the heavy inbox activity. Studies in this issue indicate that the best time to send email is about 10 a.m. in your own time zone. However, this time is not cast in stone; there is massive variety depending on industry and local culture of the targeted audience.

Furthermore, you can send an email to your list to let them know that an article is coming up, preferably with a teaser. This establishes the anticipation and sets up the foundation of increased traffic to your site.

3. Employing Community to Promote your Blog:

Leveraging community activities can form a robust foundation of promoting your blog and driving traffic towards it. Therefore, participating in aggregate sites and up-vote communities can be beneficial in this regard.

Aggregate sites are placed one goes to collect information from a broad range of sources related to a particular topic. These sites provide you with a platform to share your content as well as sampling other people’s cool stuff in a bid to help your community with some of the shared interests.

Community sites give you an opportunity to be involved in the community. They establish your credentials and authority to write and opine on some of these core issues. Such authenticity is a crucial promotional aspect for the blog. Therefore, it forms the basis of driving traffic to your blog.

Taking part in community sites such as Reddit allows you access to a community that is potentially an audience for your content. This access to a massive collection of people allows you to pick a niche and thus promote your blog, and subsequently drive traffic towards it.

The up-vote aspect of such community sites gives the audience the chance to opine whether it is good or bad. This is helpful in keeping the junk out.

Blog Forums

In the blog forums, you participate in, it is crucial to answering questions posed. In this case, this gives you a chance to demonstrate your capacity to solve people’s problems. This provides an excellent way to connect directly with your audience. One of the forums that many promoters love is Quora; however, there are several others that are more specific to different subjects or emerging issues in the society. Therefore, you should pick one that addresses issues relevant to your blog’s ethos.

Social bookmarking sites are also crucial in promoting your blog and thus driving traffic. Many folks prefer to find content through popular social bookmarking sites. Therefore, you could apply and ensure that your blog is available on these sites as part of the content available to users.

It is also crucial to build an inner circle of people involved in content creation, blogging, editing, marketers, and entrepreneurs. This will establish a crucial platform for sharing ideas, connecting, and reviewing each other’s work. This will also help you to adopt the best practices and tips of not only improving the quality of your content but also the in promoting your blog and driving traffic towards it.

4. Using Social Media:

Social Media

Social media platforms offer you access to millions if not billions of potential readers of your blog. Therefore, it gives you a promotional platform to drive traffic to your blog. However, the application of social media as a promotional tool, especially in the highly competitive modern external environment, can be challenging.

Firstly, share your content widely (in many places) increases the chances of adding promotional value and thus driving traffic to your blog. This means that you should share your blog on different social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Google+, Instagram and others.

It is important to tailor your sharing to those that your audience is likely to use. For example, if you are targeting a largely professional audience, LinkedIn forms a better platform to share your blog compared to using Instagram for example.

Additionally, including your blog link in your profiles helps drive traffic. It is also important to share your blog posts immediately after publishing them. This is because most readers prefer fresh content that is relevant and thus reflective of current affairs in the subject field addressed. Moreover, sharing your blog posts more than once on your social media platforms is important to increase the probability of a click and thus driving traffic to the blog.

The specific use of some of the major social media platforms is described below:

5. Google+


Firstly, it is important to understand the best possible times to promote your blog on Google+. This can be the difference between your blog getting massive traffic and little or none at all. For example, studies show that people are more engaged in reading blogs on weekdays.

Secondly, it is important o understand the frequency required in posting the blog using this platform. It is important to establish a balance between too few and too many posts. This is important because the best balance allows the audience to be curious or anticipate your next post without necessarily getting tired of reading your blog. Standard studies indicate that posting twice a week on Google+ optimizes the anticipation and keeps the interest as well.

The posts have to be technically optimized. The audience on Google+ tends to be technology savvy. Therefore, the content here should be in-depth, driven by facts, illustrated by videos and GIFS to provide a good guide for the audience.

Employing hashtags is crucial because it will help people outside your circles to find your content. Therefore, it is not only important in promoting your blog, but also a crucial driver of traffic towards it.

6. Facebook:


Facebook provides a different dynamic when it comes to promoting your blog and driving traffic to it. Standard analysis indicates that posting later into the week as well as on weekends optimizes the chances of engaging with followers on this platform, and thus driving traffic and promoting the blog.

Optimizing the number of times you post a day is crucial because it affects your ability to get the most traffic. In this regard, sharing at least a single post on Facebook every day establishes a strong platform for promoting your blog and thus using Facebook to drive traffic towards it.

When posting on Facebook, it is important to adopt an inspirational, humorous, cause-related, and useful post. Overall, Facebook users want entertaining or inspirational stuff. Therefore, it is crucial to establish the right tone when promoting your blog on this platform.

If you want extensive support in promoting your blog, it will be helpful to see boosted posts and Facebook Ads. Facebook allows you to use such tools to promote and boost your posts. This also expands the scale and scope of the audience you reach. Consequently, it allows the expansion of your promotional capabilities as well as enabling you to drive traffic to your blog.

7. LinkedIn:


Overall, LinkedIn is a professional social network – this means that it is busiest during weekdays, at break times, and right before and after work. These are the high-traffic period(s), which means that they form the best time to promote the blog on this platform.

The intensity and traffic on LinkedIn mean that one can post promotions or links to their blog at least four times every week. This also means that Fridays and Weekends are not as productive when it comes to driving traffic to your blog from LinkedIn.

It is also crucial to establish a guide to your audience regarding the navigation and use of LinkedIn not just for the benefit of your blog but as a broad way of creating value to your readers.

You should also tailor your messaging on LinkedIn to reflect success stories, skill building, and business inspiration. As a professional site, this will provide a basis for attracting people to your platform as well as to your blog.

8. Partnerships and Outreach:

Sharing your content with people that have already shared similar content on different platforms will establish you strongly in a competitive sense. However, it is crucial to ensure that your quality meets or exceeds the content from competitors.

If people have written content similar to yours, chances are they would be interested in reading similar content. It is especially interesting if it sets off a contradiction of approaches, facts, or underlying facts of the overall issue addressed.

Using influencers is crucial in promoting your blog. They have access to massive followers that trust their word. Therefore, cooperating or mentioning them in your posts enhances the chances of driving traffic to your blog.

Directly connecting to influencers through email, social, and face-to-face can still be crucial to establishing a promotional foundation.

9. Employing Search Engine Optimization (SEO):



Your SERP rankings are crucial, especially when it comes to search engines; this can be the difference between a successful and a failed blog. Choosing keywords to target your blog is an effective approach to promote it.

You should choose a keyword that elicits massive monthly searches but also is easy enough for you to rank for on the search engines. Subsequently, published an interesting and compelling long-form blog post that employs such a keyword(s) and its variations throughout the content.

This will allow you to rank higher on search engines, which increases the chances of driving traffic to your blog markedly and overall promotion.


With the above strategies, you can effectively promote your blog by selecting a few that work best to yield your desired results. The best thing to do is to start off with 2-3 strategies and working hard to see what impacts you. The strategy employed may work best for one blog post compared to another, depending on what content you are creating.

It is important that you try as much as you can not be too quick to eliminate a ineffective strategy. Some often take a long time before they can actually yield fruit. So, have you started creating content yet? Who is your target audience and what do you think would be the best strategy to start promoting your blog? Keep us posted with your questions and we will be happy to help. Best of luck!

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