If you are a retailer, you will need e-commerce applications software development at some point. This is true whether you are a brick-and-mortar store or a virtual eCommerce platform (or a little bit of both).

Contactless shopping and online sales have taken off, and shopper expectations keep evolving.

Staying competitive in the highly volatile retail space means that you may need to hire a development team that can help you with custom ecommerce development services. These services may vary depending on your needs, which is why you need to find a team that can deliver exactly what you require.

Examples of Custom E-Commerce Application Development Services

Here are a few examples of the retail and ecommerce software development services that you can utilize:

E-Commerce Solutions

Virtually every retailer has some e-commerce component to their business these days.

Ecommerce software developers can help build a shopping portal and website, integrate with the payment processing systems you require, and help you to add a number of features you’ll need.

If you operate in the B2B space, the developers can help you create trade accounts, price lists, and other features. For the B2C space, you may want to add custom carts and click-to-collect features or delivery bookings.

If you are a marketplace operating in the C2C space, you want to enable your listers to shop and promote their goods by enabling uploads of photos and descriptions.

Custom POS

Your Point-of-Sale is more than a cash register and card machine. Savvy retailers know that their POS software enables customer loyalty and engagement programs.

Online retailers need to work with a high-quality retail pricing software like retalon.com to help with everything from price management to optimization as well as integrate with your inventory management.

A good retail software development company will help you incorporate your loyalty cards, club membership points and coupons in your POS software to connect with your customers and improve their business.

Custom Checkout and Shopping Carts

If you work in the eCommerce space, you know that most shopping carts are abandoned before the customer checks out.

A custom ecommerce software development company will help you streamline your checkout, payment and shopping cart process to reduce shopping cart abandonment and increase your revenue.

Custom User Bases

Some retailers have multiple user bases. They may sell directly to the public, use resellers, and have wholesale prices for others that buy in bulk. Software development for e-commerce solutions doesn’t have to be limited to a single user base.

Your software team can create profiles for multiple users, including custom dashboards for resellers and different price lists for wholesale and retail pricing.

Custom ERP Solutions

When you work in retail, you will have a suite of software solutions for inventory control, warehousing, store management, delivery, and more. Rather than use lots of different software solutions, you need ERP. One such example is Netsuite, which can be customized to your industry and business needs. However, the set up can be a daunting process, so thankfully companies like Finlyte are on hand to assist with the netsuite implementation process.

ERP combines all of the separate solutions in one so that data flows easily and accurately throughout the entire company. With centralized control, you are able to run your business in a more efficient, robust, and dependable way. If you would like to learn more about ERP, you could check out this post over on https://sytecg.com/ which goes into detail about some of the current trends when it comes to this particular type of software, and how you can harness these to make your ERP the best it possibly can be for your business.

The Benefits of Custom ECommerce Solutions

There are several benefits to using custom ecommerce and retail solutions:

Improved Conversion Rate

Dynamic pricing, location-based offers, convenient payment methods, and other services tailored to your customers will help you convert more customers, faster.

More Efficient Operations

By partnering with a custom software solutions company, you can integrate with your existing customer support and payment partners for more efficient operations.

Increase Loyalty And Engagement

User Interfaces, customer loyalty programs, referral systems and reviews all contribute to the best possible experience for your buyers on your site.


If you want to take your ecommerce or retail store to the next level, you need custom e-commerce applications software development services at your disposal. Software developers can improve all aspects of your business, from improving inventory and operations to creating the best customer-facing website.

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