The web creation process is not always simple. That’s why the typical web agency employs a team of designers, developers, and managers. Everyone has a job to do, and there is plenty of room for conflict.

For designers, the pattern is well-established. The client requests some features or functionality. The designer incorporates it into the web project. It gets approved. A developer sends it back saying it’s either impractical, expensive or both.

This kind of back-and-forth reduces the productivity and profitability of the agency as a whole. Designers have good reason to look for solutions that enable them to create and publish comprehensive websites on their own.

Elementor, the team behind the WordPress community’s most reputable website builder, is doing just that. Its Elementor Cloud Website service puts the resources of an entire agency in the hands of designers everywhere.

With Elementor Cloud Website, you can build and publish full-featured websites without writing a single line of code. You can manage and deploy a comprehensive hosting solution without having to configure a dedicated server by yourself. Every technical aspect of the web creation process has been streamlined so that you can focus on what you do best – design.

How Elementor Cloud Website Works

Elementor Cloud Website puts a suite of web creation tools at your disposal. It puts Elementor’s highly regarded website-building tools on a managed hosting plan that guarantees compatibility and ease of use.

This means you can create and publish websites without having to negotiate with a third-party hosting service or perform any configuration. You don’t even have to install WordPress – everything you need is right there from the start.

Having WordPress and Elementor pre-installed on a scalable cloud-hosted web platform gives you unprecedented flexibility when designing web experiences for clients. You don’t need to rely on outsourced development or technical partners because you have all the tools you need already.

Since Elementor provides both the website builder and the cloud hosting solution, you enjoy guaranteed compatibility for your entire tech stack.

There is no risk of plugin updates breaking compatibility or causing unexpected issues because all of your infrastructures come from one place.

This is the core value that Elementor Cloud Website offers. Once you remove the technical requirements of creating and publishing professional websites, designers don’t need to rely on agency developers to write code and test plugin compatibility. You can successfully take on client projects and complete them on your own.

For a web designer dreaming of opening a new agency, the opportunity is too good to pass up. Compatible infrastructure and high-quality website building tools allow you to save valuable time and money while completing bigger, more prestigious projects for clients.

The less time you spend installing WordPress, configuring hosting servers and selecting a plugin stack, the more time you can spend designing high-quality web experiences your clients will love.

Elementor Cloud Website offers simplicity without compromise:

Elementor Cloud Website offers simplicity without compromise

WordPress has earned its place as the web’s most popular content management platform. It’s a powerful open-source solution trusted by millions of web creators around the world.

However, it’s not the simplest solution to use, especially for non-technical designers who aren’t comfortable writing out their designs in code.

This is why web agencies employ both designers and developers. It’s also why both teams disagree so often.

In many cases, technical development issues come from complex compatibility problems, unverified software updates, and new security vulnerabilities.

A WordPress website that relies on dozens of technologies made by dozens of different teams will invariably run into problems whenever a single piece of the puzzle changes.

Elementor Cloud Website fixes that by putting your website on top of a single, highly streamlined stack of technologies.

Elementor takes care of the technical aspects of configuring your server, pre-installing WordPress, and keeping your hosting software up to date.

You earn the ability to spend less time verifying technical details and more time interfacing with clients and designing websites for them.

But unlike many other streamlined web creation solutions, Elementor doesn’t compromise on features or functionalities for the sake of simplicity.

In fact, Elementor Cloud Website servers utilize best-in-class Google Cloud infrastructure and come with free Cloudflare SSL certificates.

They are hosted in multiple data centers around the world using a dynamic content delivery network (CDN). Data recovery is ensured with 24-hour backups stored on separately secured servers.

  • SSL certificates prevent hackers from intercepting data sent between you and website visitors. This makes it harder for them to spoof your website to steal user credentials. It prevents attackers from attaching malicious scripts to traffic coming from unsecured locations and devices. It’s a must-have for any modern website.
  • CDNs reduce page load times for users who are located in other countries. With a CDN in place, copies of your website are saved on multiple servers around the world. Each website visitor interacts with the server closest to them. If one server stops working, traffic automatically re-routes to the next available one.
  • Daily backups are the backbone of every data recovery and business continuity plan. Elementor Cloud Website creators can access their backups at any time. You can even create and save special backups to prepare for major changes or website updates.
  • Every Elementor Cloud Website has 20 GB of storage and 100 GB of bandwidth available. It can support 100,000 monthly visits without dragging down website speed or performance.

This gives you the technical infrastructure you need to compete with major web agencies. But unlike major agencies, you don’t need to hire a team of developers and technical staff. In today’s web creation market, you have the advantage.

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Be your own agency with the Elementor Cloud Website

Elementor Cloud Website combines the best aspects of simplified code-free website building with managed cloud infrastructure.

As a designer, you have the power to take on projects larger and more complicated than ever before and to earn the lion’s share of the profit for yourself. Start publishing comprehensive websites for your clients for a low fixed price of US $99 per year.

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