An event sponsorship is an exciting thing to obtain and an opportune thing to give. If you have been in either of the two situations, you would know just what I am talking about. Event sponsorship is an important partnership that leads to an exchange of support.

This includes either financial support or in-kind support from one company or organization in exchange for exposure. The event sponsorship helps your company to organize a successful event.

There are several perks of acquiring event sponsorship that make it even more exciting, so let’s explore them!

Understanding Event Sponsorship: What is it, how does it work?

There are different types of sponsorship, six to be specific. These are as follows:

Event sponsorship

Event sponsorship

Event sponsorship is one of the most popular types that helps in providing brands with the platform to align themselves with the occasion. This is the type of sponsorship that mainly events such as conferences and festivals or community events acquire.

This helps the brand sponsoring the event to enjoy the attention. They do not just get a bigger exposure, but they also put themselves on the map for other companies or organizations to request sponsorship.

This is one of the most authentic marketing techniques as well! The brand sponsoring the event can easily connect with the target demographic organically, without it feeling like forced marketing. This article will explore how a brand can gain recognition through such sponsorship opportunities.

Sports sponsorship

Sports sponsorship

A staple in marketing tactics, sports sponsorships have become a dynamic way for brands to connect to potential customers. Brands can take advantage of the emotional rush that fans go through during sports events.

Brands can attain great exposure through aligning themselves strategically with the emotional connection that fans have with their favorite sports team. From being on the jersey, to the digital signage that you can get with sports sponsorships, it is remarkable how vast this collaboration can make your market.

Media partnerships

Media partnerships

Media partnerships have also found a great use in recent years through the various channels that media houses can take over. This is one of the ways through which you can align your brand with media platforms.  

This will help your brand enhance its visibility and reach. It is one of the most unique ways that digital channels and traditional channels join hands. The traditional ways media partnerships work includes radio stations, television networks, print publications. Through media partnerships, your brand can reach a wider audience as it also includes digital channels such as podcasts, influencers, and social media in general.  

You may have seen your favorite creator announcing at the beginning of their video “This video is brought to you by XYZ brand,” yup, that was a media partnership between the brand and the creator.  

Entertainment and arts sponsorship

Entertainment and arts sponsorship

This is another popular type of sponsorship where brands align with the interests of art enthusiasts and entertainment buffs. If your brand caters to the arts and entertainment sector, you can easily sponsor art events! This will give you the exposure that was lacking on other channels.  

Through sponsorships in art and entertainment events such as award shows or music festivals, your brand cannot just reach a wider audience, it will also become a part of their nostalgia. This way you are not just connecting to their interests, you are also appealing to their emotions.  

Cause-related sponsorships

This one is more of a goodwill and welfare sector where your brand or organization can join hands with the organizers to support a good cause. For example, you may find an NGO that needs sponsorship, or a school that is finding it hard to sustain providing education at no cost or low cost.  

There are several ways in which you can engage in cause-related sponsorship. One of the most recent ones you may have seen could be brands sponsoring flood relief efforts.

Influencer sponsorship

Influencer sponsorship

Influencer sponsorship is one of the most recent ones that you may have seen. Overlapping by a smidge with media partnerships, this one is when brands target audiences that are following a particular influencer. If you are unaware, influencers are social media personalities that have a huge following and thus, influence a significant part of the population.  

For example, if you are following a gaming influencer, you may see technological brand sponsorships on their channel. For example, if your brand can align with the needs and interests of the influencer’s followers, you enjoy a brand visibility like never before!  

Event Sponsorship: Does It Help Your Event?

Event Sponsorship: Does It Help Your Event?

Before you can go ahead and randomly pitch your event to a brand or company you know, here are a few things to keep in mind. You may wonder why a brand would deny such a great brand visibility opportunity? There are several reasons they can rethink their decision. 

Sponsoring an event can mean huge advertising for the brand, although it isn’t for free, it is still a significant brand exposure opportunity that comes at a low price. However, as a part of the organizing team, you cannot randomly choose an event sponsor.

There’s a lot that you should consider making the event successful with the right backing. The first of those is to identify the right sponsors for your event. This requires considering the agenda that your event is revolving around.

TOP 3 Tips (+ Bonus) For A Successful Pitch!

TOP 3 Tips (+ Bonus) For A Successful Pitch!

If you are confused about how you should proceed to approach your sponsor or if this is going to be your first pitch ever, here are some important tips to keep in mind:  

Does your event need a sponsor?

When you go to a brand or a company to pitch your sponsorship need, one of the first questions they will ask is what you will do with their money. If it is the financial mode of supporting your event, that is. Parting with the resources a company is entrusting you with, should not go to waste is what this point is all about.

When you have a set agenda and a proper breakup of the things for the brand or company, they will be willing to support your event easily.

Researching your options

When you have the complete breakdown of your event requirements, and where the sponsor’s help is needed, you will be able to narrow down your sponsor list. It is a great place to start! This way you won’t just have clarity about the kind of brands you want to be associated with your event. Additionally, you will also have the pitch idea ready!  

Another reason why it is great for you to have a clear idea of the event requirements is that you will be able to create the perfect sponsorship package for the brand! A sponsorship package will include everything that the brand will gain from this sponsorship depending on the cash or kind they are investing in your event.  

Doing your homework on the sponsors

This is an advantage for you as you will have a successful pitch that brings you a sponsor! Doing your homework is somewhat like doing research on potential sponsors, however, it is narrowed down.  

This is another one of the most genius ways you can attract your sponsor and convince them. Through this step you will know how likely your sponsor is to support your event. Whether they will get a lot of exposure or not can be a doubt they may have. If they have an upcoming product, you can use that in your pitch to grab their attention.  

Bonus tip:   

Make sure you keep a strong communication with your sponsor. This will help you ensure that they are never in the dark about your association with you.   


Event sponsorship is more than just getting big names associated with your event. The most important thing to keep in mind is choosing brands that are going to give you the support you need.  

Another one of the ways you can ensure the event sponsor is going to be a successful one is through looking at all the ways they can gain from this association.  

If you are doing it for the first time, this article will be insightful! 

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