Researchers recently discovered that adding pertinent quotes, statistics, and citations boosts content visibility in generative engines by as much as 40%.

The discovery comes from a study called Generative Engine Optimization, or GEO. Researchers from Princeton, Georgia Tech, IIT Delhi, and The Allen Institute of AI wrote it.

GEO stands for “generative engine optimization.” In the paper, GEO is defined as:

A new paradigm that operates within a black-box optimization framework by defining and optimizing VIS metrics to help content creators make their content more visible in Generative Engine responses. In this new paradigm, we present GEO-bench, a benchmark of various queries in different domains across sources necessary to answer these queries.

Over 10,000 search queries on something that “closely resembles the design of BingChat” were used to test nine optimization strategies:

  • Authoritative: The content was edited to make claims more compellingly. This also improves website’s reputation.
  • Keyword Stuffing: More keywords were added to match the query.
  • Addition of Statistics: Quantitative statistics were inserted instead of a qualitative report.
  • Cite Sources: We have added pertinent citations.
  • Addition of Quotations: Quotations taken from reliable sources were cited.
  • Simple to Understand: The wording was made simpler.
  • Enhancement of Fluency: Increased fluency.
  • Unusual Words: Added to the text wherever possible.
  • Technical Terms: These are added to the content wherever possible.

The collection of search query data originated with Perplexity, Microsoft Bing, and Google. Plus, GPT-4, AI Discover, and other sources.

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