GoDaddy has become one of the go-to sites when it comes to starting your own website and getting it live. People can only visit your website if it runs on servers. And the only way to do so now is to get it done through website hosters like GoDaddy.

But how good is the GoDaddy Customer Service? Will you, as a customer, get proper customer support when you need help? 

This is what I am going to explore today in this post. Therefore, read it till the end if you want to know about it as well!

How To Contact GoDaddy Customer Service?

Most customers of GoDaddy have expressed satisfaction with the GoDaddy customer service hours. This service is available 24/7, similar to Facebook Chat Support and Snapchat Support.

Unlike other customer support services of other website hosting platforms, the GoDaddy customer service has actual representatives on the other side of the phone. In this regard, the customer support of other website hosting services features AI chatbots most of the time.

If you live in the USA, then you can connect with the representatives at GoDaddy customer service by calling on any of these two numbers:

  • English: +1 480-366-3549
  • Spanish: +1 480-463-8300

If you live in any other country, then you can check out the GoDaddy Customer Service number list by clicking on this link.

Why Choose GoDaddy?

Why Choose GoDaddy

There are various reasons that make website owners choose GoDaddy as their primary website hosting service.

The Good

According to the reception towards GoDaddy Customer service, this company has various great services. These services highly benefit the customers of this firm. Therefore, some of the primary benefits of using GoDaddy are:

1. Easy Installation

With GoDaddy, you do not need to waste time installing a tonne of programs on your website. One-click installation is available for a variety of software from them, including WordPress. 

This is perfect for folks who are new to website development but wish to experiment with web design independently. It is also excellent for people who want to create GoDaddy website as soon as possible but don’t have the time or inclination to bother with the app setup.

2. Easy Of Use

For those who are new to the world of websites, GoDaddy is a fantastic hosting company. The website builder offered by GoDaddy handles all the legwork for you and lets you just select GoDaddy templates for your website by selecting from a number of themes.

3. Responsive Customer Service

Nowadays, it’s harder to get someone to help you over the phone than it formerly was. Everything seems to be automated, and you keep getting put through bots until you become impatient and hang up. 

With GoDaddy Customer Service, that is not the situation. Even though they undoubtedly employ bots, they also offer telephone and online chat services around the clock. It also doesn’t take 20 to 30 minutes to speak with an actual person when you call. In fact, customers claim that calling a live person usually only takes less than two minutes.

4. Lots Of Online Guides

Try their video guides instead of contacting GoDaddy customer service if you have a query or problem and don’t want to do so. 

Unlike other hosting companies, GoDaddy’s website has a unique How-To section. You may access playlists of video tutorials to learn how to do things like organize your online presence, set up your email, understand the fundamentals of marketing, and much more. 

This comprehensive resource will be helpful for more than just resolving any problems you may be experiencing. This is where you can develop the idea behind your website and take it to new heights.

5. Quicker Page Load Times

Your website won’t perform well if it takes a long time to load because load time is a crucial component of the website puzzle. Because, let’s face it, nobody likes to wait around for a webpage to load. We want things to happen right now (or as soon as they can) because it is 2022. Fortunately, GoDaddy loads pages quickly, with an average load time of 171.1 ms. 

6. Many Data Centers

A hosting provider’s speeds can increase with the number of data centers they have. With three data centers in Europe, the United States, and Asia, GoDaddy provides quick load times that reach much of the world. GoDaddy plans to establish a new data center in India, which should help to eliminate the low outlier figures. However, there are locations farther from those data centers that do cause the speed to drop a little.

7. Free Features

No one who used GoDaddy’s hosting service ever declared there is no such thing as a free lunch. A domain, an Office 365 email, webmail, more than 125 applications, and other fantastic features are all included for free when you purchase a shared web hosting plan.

The domain, however, is the biggest. It is wise of GoDaddy to offer a free name to someone purchasing their hosting as they are well-known for their domain registration services.

The Bad

According to the reception towards GoDaddy Customer service, this company has various bad services as well. These services have upset many customers of this firm. Therefore, some of the primary drawbacks of using GoDaddy are:

1. The Basic Plan Is Pretty Basic

The Basic plan from GoDaddy is simply that – basic. It doesn’t have many unique features or extras, and it doesn’t offer anything that will blow you away. Although it is a fantastic place to start if you want to scale your website, it doesn’t initially provide anything that rivals don’t. Additionally, it is not as inexpensive as many other basic web hosting packages provided by companies like Hostinger.

2. Constant Upselling

Although certain freebies are offered in the hosting tiers, upsells are where GoDaddy really takes advantage of you. When you utilize GoDaddy for hosting, there are many services available, but most of them have a cost.

The checkout process, which tries to upsell you on a variety of products and occasionally will add some things automatically to your basket, may overwhelm you. 

Even though they might be fantastic additions, I don’t like how they were put in your cart without your consent. It’s possible that many consumers won’t even become aware of these extra costs until after they’ve already made their purchase. 

3. Higher Renewal Rates

Although this is true for practically all hosting companies, GoDaddy appears to be among the worst when you look at the rates after the first year.


GoDaddy customer service has become one of the best selling points of GoDaddy. It’s active 24/7 globally and makes almost no use of any automated chatbots. Therefore, if you are a GoDaddy customer, then you will be very pleased with their amazing customer service!

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