Google has gone beyond a mere search engine. It is deploying social signaling, becoming increasingly important in determining content visibility on Google surfaces like YouTube, News, and Search.

This change requires brands to revisit what SEO stands for now and in the future.

We also examine how Google is increasingly acting like a surface ecosystem, the significance of followership for visibility, and some elementary tips for brands seeking to expand Google’s following. (Source)

It seems that Google wants to remain the leading social network, even though Google+ wasn’t a big success. Google already has features similar to those available on the commonly known social media sites.

Google has social elements throughout its ecosystem, from vertical videos on YouTube Shorts to personalized content on FYP in Google Discover.

Discover is one of Google’s main social weapons and has a significant monthly active user base. According to statistics released by Discover in 2018, MAUs were 800 million, which put it right next to Instagram and TikTok.

Unlike traditional social networks, Discover concentrates on personalized content, making it a worthy platform for brands to reach their target market.

Google has included an improved followership feature to make the social networking experience through its various platforms even more.

Users can now follow brands, entities, and topics on Google Search, News, Shopping, Maps, and other sites and apps.

In addition, such following increases the likelihood of viewing useful content through all Google surfaces, including followed brands.

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