Google has recently confirmed that it will slowly stop providing major updates and support for Google Ads. This comes after the fact that the company has recently made Google Ads Support a paid service instead of it being free as it was before.

Moreover, this comes after the fact that most Google Advertisers are unhappy with the service right now. This is because their recent user experience regarding customer support has been on the negative edge of things. This has forced many advertisers to leave the platform. Therefore, making Google Ads Support a paid premium feature makes no sense at all.

However, as usual, the management at Google is playing things smart. Sure, they are phasing out Google Ads customer support. However, who do you think will be there when Google Advertisers will require customer support?

Here, it seems that Google is phasing out “human customer support.” That’s right – Google Ads Support will soon receive big changes that will make it entirely managed by AI. Moreover, this makes sense since Google recently introduced Gemini AI – their new AI Language Learning Model (LLM).

This is what Google Ads liaison officer Ginny Marvin had to say regarding it:

“I’m very aware of questions and concerns about this topic. Support isn’t being phased out, but changes are being made. There have long been challenges on this front, as everyone is likely aware. I’ve talked about this before, but Support was one of the areas I wanted to understand better when I joined.

With the scope of inquiries, it’s not an easy solution. That said, I know there are real frustrations about the current state, including chat. I do think Support is an area where LLMs/Google AI will be able to make big strides in improving experiences. That’s not happening yet, but work is underway. Stay tuned.”

Stay tuned for more info and news regarding Google Ads.

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