• Google AdSense is now better and more streamlined than ever before, thanks to new tools by Google.
  • Google introduced new AdSense tools like real-time verification, a new mata-tagging method, and better ads.txt monitoring.
  • These new tools are targeted towards making Google AdSense easier to use, with simpler site management.

Google has streamlined its Google AdSense site management tool by introducing various new features. Now, it’s easier for users to manage their websites connected to the Google AdSense Ad Network.

First up is real-time site ownership verification. In the previous process that we have been using so far, you have to manually verify the authenticity of your site ownership status, which often takes 2 to 3 days. Now, it all happens in real-time, taking only a few minutes to complete the verification process. Plus, setting up Google Ads on those websites has become faster as a result.

Google AdSense also got a new meta tag verification method. Using this tag, publishers can verify their website now without using the traditional method of inserting an AdSense code snippet on the homepage to display (and avoid) Google Ads on their websites.

In addition, Google AdSense also got the new Enhanced Ads.txt tracking system. This allows you to see the last crawl date and the time your website’s ads.txt was crawled by Google. Now, you can manually request Google to do so by using the “Check for Updates” button on your Google AdSense homepage.

Therefore, if you wish to get started with Google AdSense with your new website, you simply have to enter the Google AdSense homepage and click on “Sites” followed by “+New Site.” Then, simply add your site’s URL, and you are good to go!

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