Conversational AI chatbot, the newest addition of Google Bard, is likely to better the reader’s experience with YouTube videos.

Since they were making quite the promises, an executive from the Search Engine Journal team planned to put this theory to the test.

The concept of Bard conversation AI is experiential marketing. That is, helping Youtubers to improve their experience by deepening their interaction in their YouTube videos.

This is not just a mere social experiment but indeed aligns AI with the user’s experience.

Upon keeping AI separate from creativity and marketing purposes, every tech giant understands one thing –

Google is inevitable, and one either needs to embrace it or pull the weight of excessive manual labor.

Rather, Google Bard is on a mission to combine the two, where the excellence of the human mind is collaborating with AI assistance.

 The Doubts! 

Although the concept of improving marketing campaigns by bettering user experience is tempting, is AI well-equipped to do so?

Google’s Bard is fairly new in the AI zone. Does it really have the expertise to handle complex queries?

Therefore, someone from the SEJ team began their research on a hot topic. Surprisingly, along with some information, Bard was able to embed a video from CNBC  at the end of the search result.

However, when the member started searching for more elaboration regarding the video, things went slightly wrong. It started explaining the visuals of the video, giving less detail about the news in general.

However, when the text was placed again, it showed some interesting summary of the news, giving better insight into the video. (Source)

Throughout the other commands and chats, one thing was concluded – Google Bard’s interface has a long way to go before it becomes absolutely user-interactive.

For now, if you want to find YouTube videos and helpful content regarding it, you still have to place very specific commands.

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