Google is done with its crawl rate tool limiter. A pioneering tool that was helping publishers limit their crawl rate. In the recent update, Google said it will make a few changes and discontinue the crawlbot rate starting 8 January 2024.

Google’s logic suffices that the search engine’s crawling logic has improved and wouldn’t require a crawlbot rate. Plus, other tools in the market would give the same results.

Moreover, this legacy version of the Google SERP tool was always something Google opposed. Since it gave publishers the power to control how much or how little Google crawls would crawl on their website.

At times, if websites face server load issues caused by Google bots, using such a crawlbot tool is okay. Otherwise, it often restricts Google from filtering websites with bad content and other technical issues since there is a clear crawling restriction.

Gary Illyers from Google said about the update that the function of the Google Crawlbot rate tool is obsolete by now. Plus, after this update, Google is decreasing its crawling speed to a lower rate. This ensures that some sites’ previous crawlbot settings are maintained.

To give publishers the liberty to keep a lower crawlbot rate on pages with low search interest. Plus, it ensures that Google crawlers are not wasting the site’s crawling bandwidth.

Googlebot adjusts its crawling speed based on how a website’s server responds to its requests. If the server frequently returns errors or has slow response times, Googlebot slows down. Check this helpful article for guidance if your site struggles with excessive crawling.

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