Google Maps recently received a new update. This new Google Maps update has doubled down on our privacy. Google Maps users are now given more control over their location data storage and their recent activity on the app.

Therefore, users can now manage and control their Location History more accurately. However, analysts claim that this increased control over your location history will affect marketers using location targeting to serve ads. Therefore, it will affect the use of Google Ad Intelligence.

This new Google Maps update has three main updates, which are:

Timeline Storage On Your Device

Google Maps has a feature called Timeline, which tracks your location and stores data regarding all the places you visit. Therefore, this new Google Maps update allows users to store the data directly on their smartphones rather than on the app itself.

However, advertisers will see less of it now if you activate this new feature. Moreover, this will severely impact advertising campaigns based on Google Maps location targeting.

Updated Location History Controls

The new Google Maps update lets users turn off their Location History completely. Previously, you could auto-delete your location history after 18 months. Now, users can customize it further. Therefore, you can now auto-delete your location history after three months while going upto 24 months.

However, this can affect advertising analytics as it can affect location-based keyword research. 

Delete Recent Activity In Location History

With this new Google Maps update, you will now have more control over managing your location information on Google Maps. Therefore, you can now delete your digital tracks on Google Maps. The app will no longer track your location history but will allow you to delete it. 

However, this can affect marketers as various advertising analytics use your location history data to provide contextual ad targeting baked on places you visited. 

What do you think about this new Google Maps update? Let us know in the comments below!

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