In a conversation with BrightonSEO on Friday in San Diego, Danny Sullivan (the search Liason) spoke about the big ranking change in Google SERP.

However, most of his conversation emulates from the Google Crore Updates, which SEO experts were hit by this October.

However, he has warned everyone to buckle up because the update will make changes in the Google ranking. This doesn’t always mean a negative thing. If you are maintaining all quality measures from the update, you should have nothing to worry about.

Now Danny Sullivan responded on X, saying, “I was talking about various things people have raised where they think sure, you fixed this but what about….” or where they want to see an improvement in our results.

And that each of these items relates to advancements that we are working on. There’s so much coming that I hesitate to warn people to buckle up—those who are producing high-quality, user-focused content ought to be all alright. Having said that, there will be many advancements soon.“ (Source)

These advancements will be on the line of the following:

Google SERP won’t entertain scrapped content. This is where you simply take information from the Google ranking articles, change the wording, and piggyback it on your website. This is not plagiarism but a form of paraphrasing.

Another SERP update would be to chuck out websites that are still leaning on questionable tactics like hiding links and keywords to rank.

A fellow SEO expert comments on this change, asking SEO to get anxious about it. According to him, Google does put priority on high-quality content but refuses to change their ad sense testimonials.

After all, they control AdSense, and even if one decreases these in their website, Google keeps increasing its size.

Making it even more difficult for websites with ad sense to be mobile-friendly. How can it be? When most of the screen is filled with bigger ads.

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