• The Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) uses your site’s content to provide AI-generated answers to your queries on SERP. 
  • This is a shock to many since Google proclaimed that it’s connected with Google Extended – which you can turn off to prevent SGE from using your content.
  • To turn off SGE from quoting your content, website admins will have to turn off the use of the Googlebot completely.

If you search for answers on Google, you might be surprised that the first result will not be a website link. Instead, the Google Search Generative Experience (SGE) might answer you instead!

The Google Search Engine Results Page (SERP) will now feature using SGE to provide answers. SGE will use the Google Bard AI and the Googlr Vertex AI to give you answers.

However, after Google Bard started publicly indexing your conversations, people have been in a frenzy about protecting their data from being used by AI engines. 

Therefore, Google has to address this issue by launching a new tool called Google Extended. This tool allows you to stop letting Google Bard and Googe Vertex AIs use your website content by placing a NOINDEX meta tag in your website’s robots.txt file.

However, developers recently found out that the responses generated in your SERP by SGE do use your website content! After this revelation, Google has publicly admitted that SGE is still an “experimental” feature that “isn’t connected with Google Extended.” Instead, you will have to completely turn off Googlebot – which will automatically turn off various crucial features for web admins.

What do you think of Google Search Engine experience so far? Website owners have no option but to allow Google SGE to use their website content, potentially reducing direct organic traffic to your website. Let’s hope we do get the option in the future.

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