Before starting the article, you should know that the Google patent is completely related to SEO. When it comes to writing SEO content, then every piece of information and knowledge needs to be collected from different places. But, there are times when the information is misinterpreted. And then this is one of the fake ranking factors. So, the best way is to go to Google. Lets find out what are google Patents.

What Are Google Search Patents?

google patents

If you want to learn about Google patents search, then you must learn the basics of Quality Raters guidelines and SEO Starter Guide. Here you will find various documents that tell the aspects of Google to arrange and evaluate search results. So what are Google patents? 

There are times when Google invents new ways to improve search results and experience. There is also a patent application that is related to the United States Patent and Trademark Office or the USPTO. In simple words, patents are technical documents. And these documents describe different search algorithms. The main intention of the patents is to secure the search result from being copied.

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Why Is Google Patents Important?

google patents

Though Google patents are technically related to SEO, it is not part of the search algorithm. Also, there will be a time between the implemented technology and the patent being filed. There are some cases where there is no technology implemented, or it takes a long time to reach the final stage. Google wants to protect filed patents. 

But, if you put these things aside, there are a lot of unique insights that will help you to understand how the algorithm works. And you will get to know SEO knowledge. For example, when you start reading patents, it will allow you to know the new updates and ranking signals. And this knowledge will help you in your SEO strategy and website.

Google Search Patents: Where To Find

google patents

So, now you are aware of Google search patents, or you can say Google patents advanced search. But where are you going to find that? 

The first thing that you can do is visit the USPTO’s official website. And then, you need to add Google. After that, you can see through the file name. But, there will be a problem that can occur. You will find thousands of patents there, and there are only a few about SEO. The patents are technical documents, so it will take some time. And this is not an efficient way to know about Google patents. 

There is a better approach that you can apply. For example, you can follow patent experts or patent enthusiasts. But who are these people? 

There are some SEO people who always monitor upcoming patent updates. Their main job is to go through thousands of patents and then choose a couple of them that are significant for SEO. For example, if you see the history of Google patents, then you can see that there is a person called Bill Slawski who has written the longest search patents. If you want to know these updates, then go through his personal blog.

10 Google Search Patents 

Here are 10 examples of practical implications.

  1. Content Clustering
  2. Document Scoring and Document Inception Date
  3. User-based Search Engine
  4. Watch Time-based Ranking
  5. Modify Search Results and Implicit User Feedback
  6. Predicting Site Quality
  7. Natural Language Result for Queries
  8. User Behavior and Feature Data for Ranking Documents
  9. Determine the Quality Measure
  10. Identify Local Experts

If you are starting an SEO, then there is a need to understand Google patents. Otherwise, there is no way that you can make a better SEO. Here, you can see the top 10 implementations that will definitely work. But there are two measures that you need to follow. First, make your content original and follow all the implementations. And secondly, you need to go through the Google patents to see all the data. 

Google Patents Index

Do you know how many indexes there are in Google patents?

There are mainly more than 87 million patents from 17 patent offices. 

  • USPTO or United States Patent and Trademark Office 
  • CNIPA or China’s National Intellectual Property Administration 
  • EPO or European Patent Office
  • JPO or Japan Patent Office
  • WIPO or World Intellectual Property Organization
  • KIPO or Korean Intellectual Property Office 
  • CIPO or Canadian Intellectual Property Office 
  • DPMA or Deutsches Patent- und Markenamt 
  • Intellectual Property Office (United Kingdom)
  • Rspatent
  • Netherlands Patent Office
  • National Institute of Industrial Property (France)

And there are patent offices in Denmark, Spain, Finland, Belgium, and Luxembourg. So, you can imagine how many patents there are.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting questions and answers.

Q1. What Is Google Patent Used For?

Ans: It is Google’s patent search tool. When it comes to checking patents, Google’s own tool draws from more than 100 different patent offices. So, when you are using the tool, you will be able to search more than 120 million documents. 

Q2. Are Google Patents Real?

Ans: In simple words, Google Patents is a discovery tool and search engine. The tool was launched on December 14, 2006. And this allows patent applications. From May 2022, the platform has started to cover more than 140 million published documents from 105 different patent offices across the globe.

Q3. Is Google Patent Free?

Ans: It is Google’s patent search tool. When it comes to checking patents, Google’s own tool draws from more than 100 different patent offices. So, when you are using the tool, you will be able to search more than 120 million documents.

Final Words

When an inventor acquires a patent, that means no other can use that product or method for 20 years. And when it comes to Google patents, it is a tool to go through millions of documents from the biggest patent offices. So, if you can’t hire an organization to check for patents, then you can use this free tool. 

If you have any further queries, feel free to ask in the comment section. 

Thank You.

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