Google recently updated its Google Spam and Ranking System Guidance to include non-consensual explicit imagery as a ranking factor.

Google found out that a large number of explicit posts rank on SERPs and aren’t marked as spam as well. Moreover, most of these posts are “revenge porn,” which Google has been actively tracking down and deleting since 2015. 

This is what the newly updated Google Spam and Ranking System Guidance says now:

“If we process a high volume of personal information removals involving a site with exploitative removal practices, we demote other content from the site in our results.

We also look to see if the same pattern of behavior is happening with other sites and, if so, apply demotions to content on those sites.

We may apply similar demotion practices for sites that receive a high volume of doxxing content removals or non-consensual explicit imagery removals.”

Therefore, Google has removed this line from the Google Spam and Ranking System Guidance:

“Furthermore, we have automatic protections designed to prevent non-consensual explicit personal images from ranking highly in response to queries involving names.”

In addition, Google has added this new line:

“…..removals or non-consensual explicit imagery removals.”

Therefore, many predict that Google has made some backdoor changes to its webpage crawlers that automatically search for explicit imagery. 

Overall, Google seems to be taking this in the right direction, as such images can lead to cyberbullying and harassment, which has been on the rise since social media became a necessity in the lives of modern-day youth.

What do you think about these new updates to the Google Spam and Ranking System Guidance? Let us know in the comments below!

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