Meta Description: Google is updating its featured snippets with the use of MUM. This will reduce 40% of false premises and improve search quality. 

Google has just announced that they are bringing some new updates on the Google search, that will focus mostly on quality search results. This will also help the users to get the opportunity to asses the quality of the search results. 

Google is going to improve and update the content advisories about this result and also their featured snippets. 

They are going to use MUM for the featured snippets to know whether the featured snippet callouts have a general consensus or not. MUM hasn’t been used in many different applications within Google, such as Google Lens Features and COVID vaccine names. 

Pandu Nayak, vice president of Search and Follow in Google, “Now, with the help of MUM, Google can understand if there is a consensus across the web to help highligh the callout portions of the featured snippets.” 

Reducing False premises by 40%

Another update that they are bringing is what Google refers to as “False premise queries.” The queries that are factually inaccurate or wrong are still shown as featured snippets. They are to be improved the featured snippets to show the correct information for the queries. 

From now on, Google is only going to show you only correct and accurate information as featured snippets. And will be lowering the amount of information that might be false or inaccurate.

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