By giving statistics on ad revenue, ad intelligence software not only keeps track of competitors’ advertising efforts but also helps to maximize ad expenditure. Companies use Google Ad Intelligence software to analyze their competitors’ advertising tactics. This includes where they are running their ads, the ad creatives they are using, and the amount of money they are spending on their ads.

Such software includes competitive intelligence as a key feature because it can assist firms in determining which advertising campaigns are more effective for their rivals. If you wish to start using such advertising software, read this post to learn about the best of them in 2023.

Best Google Ad Intelligence Software You Should Use In 2023

The best Google Ad Intelligence software that you can use in 2023 to boost your digital ad performance are:

1. SimilarWeb


Use SimilarWeb to shed light on the online world. The tool makes it simple for corporate executives, analysts, and marketers to find the best possibilities, recognize potential risks, and make crucial decisions that will increase website traffic and earnings.

You may create your plan and effectively get greater market share with the aid of this user-friendly Digital Marketing and Research Intelligence tool. Benchmarking your digital performance against competitors and market leaders, examining trends and consumer behavior, and obtaining insight into your competitors’ online marketing plans will help you outperform your industry and competition.

You can even identify the top-performing keywords, partners, affiliates, creatives, iOS ad networks, and content. This is helpful for realtors to join various real estate social network platforms.

2. MediaRadar


The people who are involved in the media purchasing, planning, or selling processes are the target audience for MediaRadar’s multi-award-winning Google Ad intelligence solutions.

MediaRadar is used by media selling teams to connect with relevant customers, develop persuasive pitches, and prospect for new business. Marketers use this tool to develop the optimum media mix, keep tabs on their rivals, and find fresh advertising opportunities.

The best thing – it even works with the Dogpile Search Engine as well!

3. Data.AI

Data.AI has a mission to assist clients in developing outstanding mobile experiences. This makes it the most reputable mobile insights and analytics platform in the market. Using this software, you can learn everything there is to know about the mobile landscape so you can enter new markets, prioritize your roadmap, and increase ROI.

With Google Ad Intelligence, you can:

  • Accelerate your app downloads and revenue strategy.
  • Improve your app’s ratings and keep users coming back.
  • See how app usage differs across 60+ countries.
  • Optimize your launch strategy and acquisition campaigns.
  • Benchmark your mobile performance against competitors.

4. Kantar Advertising Insights

Kantar Advertising Insights

Regarding the best Google Ad Intelligence applications that provide performance, and expand sales prospects, start using Kantar Advertising Insights. Through relevant data and customized actionable insights, this competitive AdWords intelligence platform can help you comprehend the dynamics influencing the media marketplace.

Access to the most thorough advertising intelligence available, including all paid media channels, including TV, print, radio, outdoor, online, mobile, video, social, and search. Get a thorough picture of the creatives, occurrences, impressions, and spending estimates for creative campaigns.

The best brands, agencies, and publications in the world rely on Kantar to help them maximize their advertising strategies.

5. Poltio


Poltio is an amazing Google Ad Intelligence application that helps the world’s top brands access, engage with and learn from their users with interactive widgets and self-identified data.

This app has built-in no-code interactive tools that are responsive and fully customizable. These widgets enable you to gather real-time ad data and consumer engagement insights.

You can boost your ROI while creating segments and personas using this app. Select the right tool, such as smart surveys, engaging tests and quizzes, or product/gift finders. Product finders not only guide customers’ shopping but also provide a superior experience and elevate the customer journey with guided selling.



BOSCO is an analytics platform for digital marketing powered by AI that helps marketing teams make smarter, data-driven decisions. Marketing professionals can view real-time performance data across all campaigns and channels thanks to this user-friendly interface.

Modern machine learning techniques are used by BOSCO to deliver insights and opportunities across both new and existing channels to increase income. Marketing teams now have access to the power of predictive analytics thanks to BOSCO, which combines internal marketing data with sophisticated algorithmic modeling to produce individualized reporting dashboards and unmatched forecasting skills.

We may compare your domain to the closest rivals in your category using the BOSCO Index. Your online presence and the effectiveness of your investments in sponsored and organic media channels are measured by the BOSCO Index. This makes this one of the best Google Ad intelligence software.

7. Apptopia


We offer actionable information about every publisher and app for mobile app ad networks worldwide. Such information is made accessible through its user-friendly online interface or an API. We provide you with solutions instead of just data.

Every day, ad networks for app publishers and developers, service providers, and investors use this reasonably priced Google Ad intelligence solution to evaluate and track competitors, inform business strategy, and discover new consumer interests and trends.

Being able to provide SDK recognition and analysis, category-level information, and configurable industry reports makes Apptopia special. Additionally, we provide a complete set of user acquisition tools.

8. Numerator Insights

Numerator Insights

Manufacturers and retailers can access Numerator Insights, a highly user-friendly platform for visibility into omnichannel consumer behaviors. This includes brand and channel switching, household penetration, and shopper profiles.

In order to help companies and retailers find growth possibilities, Numerator Insights offers over 35 configurable reports that can be customized to deliver quicker, more detailed responses regarding customer behavior in real-time. The largest and most diversified consumer panel in America, the Numerator OmniPanel, provides the data, making it a competent Google Ad Intelligence software.

In addition, the Numerator OmniPanel offers a comprehensive insight into consumer behavior across channels. It also offers unmatched knowledge about consumer behavior throughout all omnichannel, as well as the attitudes and viewpoints that affect each journey.

9. SocialPeta


The best advertising creative spy and analysis platform in the world, SocialPeta is committed to providing top advertising creative and marketing strategy for both advertisers and publishers.

As a crucial platform for advertising and marketing information, SocialPeta concentrates on areas such as audience insight, ad creatives, cost intelligence, and advertising strategy. By providing users with a thorough and organized graphical representation of the variations, SocialPeta assists users in conducting in-depth analyses of advertising trends.

SocialPeta’s enormous database is retrieved from various libraries like the Facebook Ad Libabry,

10. AdMetricks


Online advertising ad intelligence is provided by Admetricks. It enables you to follow your competitors’ market share, validate your ad placements, see trends in real-time, and receive alerts when rivals begin new campaigns.

You will also learn where and how much businesses spend on online advertising to help you make smarter strategic decisions. This is a great Google Ad intelligence software that you should start using now!

Final Verdict

By giving statistics on ad revenue, ad intelligence software not only keeps track of competitors’ advertising efforts but also helps to maximize ad expenditure. Companies use Google Ad Intelligence software to analyze their competitors’ advertising tactics. This includes where they are running their ads, the ad creatives they are using, and the amount of money they are spending on their ads.

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