Google’s new search feature is likely to make things easier for shoppers. Powered by Google’s Shopping Graph, which brings you a database from every shopping portal in the world. Additionally, it also provides different shopping-oriented Chrome updates.

Although shopping was a big deal in the 1990s, the easier search bars put them out of fashion. However, when it comes to the new update, the search engine likes to call it a web portal that caters to shopping information.

The key features are its navigability and ease of accessibility, which will take e-shopping to the next level. Companies hosting e-commerce businesses or e-commerce portals should pay attention and try to get this web portal approved now.

Since it will be hosting e-commerce websites, getting a good ranking will help boost your business. On top of that, Google is also planning to make some changes to Chrome for both desktop and mobile versions.

The new changes will make the shopping interface for users easier, essentially where they wouldn’t have to navigate through too many e-commerce websites to get to one product.

For SEO experts looking after e-commerce websites, this is also a good time to check whether the portals are all-device friendly. 

Some of the chief features of this update would be bookmarking products to a shopping list folder and getting “price insights,” i.e., Google’s new feature to track prices.

Since online shoppers are mostly looking for the best deals, Google’s update will help them during their Black Friday and Holiday shopping. (Source)

In their portal, Google is also adding a New Deals page, which will show you discounted prices for your bookmark products. If any e-commerce platform is providing a sale, you will be first to get to know only through your Google portal.

Additionally, you can also track the prices for the same product from different merchants.

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