With the rise of AI tools helping you write essays and website content, like blogs, many started using Jasper AI. This tool has a simple interface that allows you to provide only simple units to create good-quality content in seconds.

Not only does it help in creating original content, it also helps in creating marketing copies, product descriptions, and more!

If you wish to learn more about this AI content writing tool, then read this post till the end.

How Does Jasper AI Work?

How Does Jasper AI Work

Jasper AI is one of the most simple AI writing tools comparable to the simplicity of using ChatGPT. You only need to give a few lines of input, and boom- your high-quality content piece will be ready!

Jasper AI login works by crawling all the pages that have been indexed in Google to find out relevant information. All information it searches out will be related to the topic of the content that you want. It will also follow white label SEO practices and semantic SEO practices as well!

For example, if you wish to write about “top ten places to visit in Europe,” then you simply need to enter an input like “Write an essay on the topic – Top ten places to visit in Europe.”

Before you start generating the content, you can give your post a title, which Jasper AI will adapt to. Along with your input line (shown above), you can also add extra details like “Make this post in a casual tone” to make it more specific and personalized. This is why many consider AI tools to be the future of SEO content writing, fully capable of replacing humans!

However, since it crawls the internet for relevant information, the more there is, the easier it becomes. Therefore, if you wish to generate content on topics rarely covered, it can become difficult. Plus, sometimes, Jasper AI review will cite misinformation in its generated content since it’s an AI, after all.

Who Should Use Jasper AI?

Who Should Use Jasper AI

Jasper AI is an amazing AI tool for written content creators. Therefore, if you work for or run a Google Guaranteed online content agency that specializes in blogging, Jasper AI can be an invaluable tool for you.

If you want SEO-friendly content, simply say, “Hey Jasper AI,” and you will get the blog post you want!

Right now, bloggers, copywriters, research essay writers, and content marketing businesses are using this AI tool. Therefore, if your work falls into these categories, you may consider using this tool. You may also use this tool as an SEO consultant.

Jasper AI Features

Jasper AI Features

Some of the best features of Jasper AI that help you create original, high-quality, and SEO-friendly content are:

1. Writing with Your Brand’s Voice and Talking Points 

If you are a copywriter and a blogger, then following brand guidelines in your write-up is essential. Therefore, to ensure that your branding efforts go well, Jasper AI has an amazing feature called Jasper Brand Voice.

Since every brand has its tone and content style, you can describe it to this AI. Since it makes use of machine learning, it will take your branding inputs into account and generate content accordingly!

When using this, I described the style and tone of the content I wanted (informative but casual), along with describing some products of a brand (a phone cover case manufacturer). To my surprise, I could see that the content was indeed what I expected – mostly. 

While there were certainly a few oddities, it wasn’t overwhelming enough to make manually editing it a chore for me.

2. Writing Effective Product Descriptions

After using Jasper AI, I found writing effective product descriptions to be its forte. For generating the content, I simply described a product, its style, design, materials used, quality, etc. 

Jasper AI effectively produced high-quality content that was interesting to read as well!

Therefore, eCommerce businesses who wish to generate lots of product descriptions for their product catalogs will find this tool to be invaluable. Since you will need your content to be SEO optimized, Jaspoee AI can be integrated well with the best SEO API tools for marketers and businesses as well!

3. More Marketing Copy Use Cases 

Social media is leading the top spot as one of the most effective marketing platforms. Therefore, it’s no surprise that every business would want high reach and engagement with social media marketing copies.

Here, I used Jasper AI to generate Instagram and Twitter copies to promote a certain product. I loved the way Jasper AI made an easy-to-understand and catchy special media post for me in a matter of seconds!

It understood the nuances I wanted in my content, along with the styles followed in the platform. The main trick lies in the inputs you give before you ask it to generate content for you. The more detailed it is, the better the AI-generated content will be. 

However, it fails to perform smoothly when coming up with short-form content for running Ads. These are still best done by real humans! I hope the new TikTok AI Ad Script Generator is similar to or better than Jasper AI!

4. Jasper Chat 

If you want an experience similar to ChatGPT in the form of a chatbot, you can use Jasper Chat. This is an AI conversational tool that works similarly to ChatGPT. 

Jasper Chat makes great use of machine learning to adapt to the flow and tone of the content as per your responses. Here, you can ask questions, which Jasper AI will answer back. Plus, if you want to create conversational content, you can use this tool!

5. Jasper’s Chrome Extension

For whatever purpose you want to use Jasper AI, you can always make the process faster by using the Jasper AI Chrome Extension

It’s easy to download and allows you to generate content on the go. For example, when I wanted to write an email, I simply clicked on the extension and described the purpose of the email. It generated exactly what I wanted (along with a few changes that I had to make), making my work way faster!

Jasper AI Pricing Plans

Regarding the Jasper AI price, there are currently four of them that you can choose from. They are:

  • Free Trial: This is the plan that I used. The 7-day Jasper AI free trial has limited features but contains most of the essential ones. Here, you can generate two distinct outputs per input so that you have multiple options to choose from.
  • Creator ($39 per month): With this plan, you will have access to 50+ templates, 1 branding option, on-page SEO optimization, and 50 knowledge assets as well! However, you are limited to only one user.
  • Teams ($99 per month): This plan is for three users, providing you access to three brand voices, a template editor, 150 knowledge assets, user collaboration, and instant campaign creation!
  • Business (contact sales team to get a quote): This plan is for bigger enterprises with customizable templates and automation, advanced GA4 certification analytics, access to the Jasper AI API, SSO Plus security, and more!

Jasper AI Vs Chat GPT: Which Is Better?

Jasper AI Vs Chat GPT: Which Is Better

Between Chat GPT vs Jasper AI, the primary difference lies in their approach. Jasper AI is a content creation tool, while ChatGPT acts more like an AI chatbot.

Jasper also has Jasper Art AI, which lets you generate texts with images as well. However, this is still in an experimental beta stage and will be improved in future updates. Plus, Jasper AI also has a Chrome Extension, which ChatGPT doesn’t.

On the other hand, Chat GPT is a conversational tool that is free of cost. However, you can still use it to generate short-form content.

Other Jasper AI Alternatives

Other Jasper AI Alternatives

The AI tools that can act as the best Jasper AI alternatives are:

  • Content at Scale
  • Copy.ai
  • Writesonic
  • Google Bard
  • Quillbot
  • Frase.io

Final Verdict: Is Jasper AI Worth Using In 2023?

In my opinion, Jasper AI still has a long way to go compared to other existing AI writing tools like ChatGPT and Google’s Bard AI. However, on its own, it’s a pretty good AI writing tool. 

While the grammar and sentence construction that it generates might not be of the best quality, the generated content is decent enough. With a bit of editing and adding some SEO-friendly keywords as well, it can be used by bloggers, copywriters, and freelancers in a great way.

Let us know in the comment what you think about Jasper AI and how you like using it!

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