AI has undoubtedly started impacting our everyday life.

Humans are relying on it to simplify everyday tasks. It is widely used, especially by businesses where time management is crucial. It started off as ‘’sci-fi technology’’, but you can now find it in almost every aspect of life. Can you believe how times are changing?

For example, managing your emails is a common problem nowadays. No matter how hard you’re trying your inbox can never be on zero. You can unsubscribe from everywhere, but you can never fully stop new spam messages from coming. ‘’The struggle is real’’, right?

Around 14.5 billion spam emails are sent every day. Dealing with this can be overwhelming, especially if your main way of communication is through email. How can you focus on new and important emails, if you’re constantly bothering with old ones? This is why inbox management is crucial to every email user.

When it comes to inbox management, AI can do wonders!

Why AI Email Management Is Important

AI Email Management

No more unnecessary scrolling through your inbox! How many times have you struggled to find an important email? This takes time, which means it can affect your work efficiency. AI email management will organize your emails for you. It has proven to be a real time-saver.

Time is the most valuable asset a person can offer. That’s why valuing someone’s time is imperative, especially in the customer service field. Customers expect you to answer as soon as possible and keeping customers satisfied is of utmost importance.

How to succeed in this, if you’re overloaded with messages and are having trouble organizing your inbox? AI email management software can do the trick for you!

The Advantages Of AI Inbox Management

Advantages Of AI Inbox Management

To this day, email is still of the most popular communication methods. Its use is rapidly increasing and is still considered the most professional way of customer communication. That said, its popularity isn’t going anywhere soon.

Since that’s the case, it’s better to learn how its use can be simplified.

With AI inbox management writing an email will be the only thing you’d have to do manually. Everything else will be automatically managed. The software will serve as your personal email assistant, making your day-to-day life easier, whether it’s for business needs or handling a personal email.

Let’s discuss the advantages AI has on inbox management:

1. Prioritization and categorization of emails

Automated AI tool will make sure high-priority messages are on top of the list. You will never again miss an important email. The tagging system will know what the emails are about and will categorize them according to your needs, without even opening them.

Your messages will be sorted in a way you always know which ones require immediate attention. Whenever you receive a notification, you’ll know it’s urgent. This increases the chance of you responding on time.

Not only this, but you also have the option to turn off notifications for some time. If you have more important work to do at the moment that requires your focus this could be really helpful. When you’re free you can just turn them back on and receive everything at once.

AI-based Inbox management tool can also create a special folder for your spam and subscription messages. This makes it much easier to unsubscribe and is a great way to separate important from unimportant messages.

2. Email tracking

AI inbox management software can tell you who exactly opened your email. Every time someone opens an email you’ve sent, a notification will pop up on your desktop.

You may wonder ‘’Why is this important’’? Imagine working as a salesperson and waiting for an immediate response. This will give you a better chance at understanding who’s interested in your offer and who values your time.

Of course, this is optional, you can always turn off this option.

3. Schedule improvement

If you’re a forgetful person, an AI inbox management will make sure you never forget about an appointment. It offers you the option to schedule the exact time for an email to be sent.

If you’re too responsible and were planning on staying longer in the office waiting for the right time to come and send it, now you can just set a particular time and the message will be sent on its own.

This can improve your overall communication with the customer. AI is going to learn when your customer is most likely to open an email and can send it automatically according to that information.

4. Teamwork

’Teamwork makes the dream work’’, right? Some AI email management tools can turn your email into a working space. You can gather everyone in one place and arrange tasks, so your team members can immediately see which of these tasks are a priority. It’s a great way to improve work productivity.

Not only that, you can even share your work with the team and get their opinion as well.

5. Detailed overview

Statistics are always helpful. Getting some inside can really help you improve the workflow. AI inbox management can give you a detailed overview of your inbox activity. You can see at what time are most emails sent and received, which can help you arrange the working hours of your team.

See also who is sending the most messages and is responding the fastest. This can help you understand how your team members are doing and improve workflow.

6. Increase security

It’s hard to say there will be times when the internet will be 100% secure. That is why you have to take cyber security seriously and protect your data at any cost.

Phishing messages are a common thing among email users. Only one click can lead to terrible consequences. You can stop this by being prepared in advance.

Let AI-based inbox management protect you with an extra security blanket. Every message will be thoroughly checked. If there is even the slightest sign of suspicion the email will be automatically deleted or stashed in spam and you will never receive a message from the same sender again.

7. Improved email quality

Since we know how to deal with quantity, let’s talk a little bit about quality. With AI-based tools, you can forget about grammar mistakes. The quality of an email can be significantly improved! You will have various templates to choose from, no need to create one manually. If creating a template took hours before, now it can just take seconds.

You can also create auto-generated messages and timely address common issues amongst customers.

What Can We Expect In The Future?

Future Of Managing Your Inbox With AI

We can never know what lies ahead of us. Based on how fast AI is involved, its use is possibly just going to increase. How far has this technology advanced? Is it good enough to outsmart people? Can AI write messages instead of you?

AI has started to change the world of email marketing as well. It can create personalized messages after it analyzes customer behavior. You can have individual personalized automatically-written messages for every customer and you don’t even have to go near the keyboard.

But can AI fully replace humans?

I don’t think so. It may be so advanced as to write messages on its own but can never bring human emotion. Customers will more likely appreciate a human-written message than one that sounds robotic. It’s always better to keep human-level communication.

In The Final Analysis

Taking everything into account, AI in inbox management definitely has its benefits and can serve as a huge booster. Thanks to AI technology your emails are now thoroughly checked before they reach the recipient’s inbox. You can count on them to be mistake-free.

How you wish to use AI in email management depends on your business or personal goals. Different AI tools offer different advantages. That’s why it’s important to determine your goals before getting an AI-based email management tool.

As mentioned above, taking the time to write a real response is important. However, we’ve all been in a situation where there is just not enough time. At the end of the day, time-saving is the main advantage of AI inbox management and that’s why its use is preferable.

So, if you want to increase work efficiency and free a bit of time for other tasks while categorizing emails, AI email management is the best solution!

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