Microsoft Advertising will now introduce many new full-funnel solutions to help you effectively reach your target audience. These new features will enhance audience targeting and segmentation of your ads so that they reach the right person. 

These new full-funnel features for the time being sports enthusiasts. Therefore, they are primarily for sports brands. These new targeted marketing strategies will allow you to segment your target audience in detail. You can do this using new tools like Genre Targeting and In-Market Audiences.

A survey estimates that 31% of Americans watch sporting events live through digital platforms. Therefore, when such live games are broadcast, it allows Microsoft – and you – to advertise in between the ad breaks.

Moreover, these sporting events happen throughout the year. Even though there are big events like the Super Bowl, other sporting events happen throughout the year as well. Therefore, Microsoft wants a continuous sporting ad fiesta throughout the year.

Like Google Ad Intelligence, Microsoft Advertising will let you integrate your Microsoft marketing efforts with other marketing channels. Therefore, Microsoft is trying to establish a new marketing ecosystem for its advertisers. 

They are trying to establish a synergistic marketing platform that integrates sports sponsorships and collaborations with advertising money and brand engagement.

This new ecosystem will support various platforms, from Connected TV networks to Paid Search as well. Moreover, new targeted advertising techniques and marketing frameworks will have different segments for different brands. 

For example, major sports brands are the MVPs, brands with sponsorships from different sectors are the Veterans, and new sporting brands are the New Kids on the Block.

Moreover, your audience will also be segmented into categories like Enthusiasts (hardcore sports fans), Tailgaters, and Sports Hosts.

What do you think about these new updates on the Microsoft Advertising Network? Let us know in the comments below!

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