The new generative AI feature: Deep Search, has been introduced by Microsoft Bing, which is optional to help users find answers to tough questions.

How it functions. Deep search is based on the web index and ranking system of Bing. Next, it uses GPT-4 to develop any likely intents and variations behind the query and describes each in an “ideal set of results.”

Deep Search, which performs multiple querying strategies and brings to light otherwise hidden results, adds to the general search result.

Microsoft Bing provided an example query that demonstrated how a user searching for [how do points systems work in Japan] might find additional relevant search terms using Deep Search:

  • Japan’s leading tourist loyalty card program.
  • A comparison of loyalty plans types in Japan
  • How smartphone technology revolutionizes loyalty management and redemption of loyalty cards in Japan.

Therefore, Deep Search can provide many answers to my research request, though some keywords might not appear.

Microsoft described Deep Search on Bing to evaluate eleven times more web pages compared to what is used for ordinary search to return more detailed and targeted results other than the ones at the top, which are more generalized. (Source)

Ranking of Deep Search results. The most critical issue is how closely a page’s content relates to a description Bing would provide more completely. Other relevant and high-quality factors that were mentioned included:

  • How well the subject fits.
  • Availability of “appropriate level of detail”.
  • The reliability of the source.
  • Freshness.
  • Page rank is the amount of traffic a particular web page can attract online.

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