Modern applications and devices help improve people’s lives. They allow ensuring the advanced educational process as well. In fact, the latest software and apps bring all the needed tools to help gain any wanted skills. It includes a great opportunity to gain coding skills.

With strong attention to detail and focus on every symbol, coding is quite a difficult job. Fortunately, it is a nicely paid job. That brings an increased interest of users to coding manuals. In reality, using only manuals and guidebooks is not enough. If you want to learn to code fast, practice is key.

The theoretical material is only good at the start. With all the knowledge gained, it is time to have practical tasks. They allow checking the skills the best.

Besides, experience is always a prerogative when you want to learn to code fast. Without constant coding tasks mentioned at, it will be impossible to become a great programmer or use coding effectively.

The latest best mobile apps are designed to ensure a smooth educational routine. They allow both gaining the basic coding abilities and improving decent coding skills as well.

How to Learn Coding with Modern Apps

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Coding has already become quite a well-appreciated skill for specialists. Not only programmers and developers need to know how to code properly. Other modern specialists can benefit greatly once learning how to code. Besides, there are tons of materials and tools to learn the skill.

The wide variety of the best coding apps makes the process much easier. The modern applications contain a bunch of useful information, guidelines, and manuals.

Besides, they offer a very convenient set of tasks and projects to complete. It helps gain the needed experience and solve the issue with lack of practice.

The advanced coding apps are the daily coding problem solution. You can select any of the tasks offered to improve your programming abilities. You never stay out of practice.

Besides, you can use the apps whenever it suits you the most. It can be in the middle of the night if you do not fancy sleeping. Or you can use them in your free time. They are convenient coding for mobile instruments. Besides, they can be used easily and quite effectively on a bunch of modern devices.

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The Best Modern Apps to Learn Coding Fast

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If you are focused on finding the best apps to learn to code on your phone, check the following list. Here, you will find the most efficient apps to gain the wanted coding skills.

1. Mimo (iOS only)

Mimo is a great resource that brings short but very effective lessons in coding. This application brings lessons from a wide variety of courses. The lessons are broken into smaller tasks to let the users learn the skills conveniently.

The offered lessons are focused on improving your programming skills. Thus, they contain a set of questions to monitor and improve your skills.

The interactive lessons are a great opportunity for learners to pick up JavaScript, Python, CSS, or basic HTML. You can use the app offline if needed. It is not completely a free tool. The first lessons in numerous courses can be gained for free. After, you need to arrange a monthly or yearly subscription to continue.

2. Udacity

This application is the best tool when you want to upgrade your programming skills. Udacity provides nano degrees in various disciplines, including programming and coding.

They offer advanced courses by ensuring top-quality content is offered for learners. The accessible courses are created in collaboration with their partners, which include such market giants as Google, Facebook, and Amazon.

You can find certain courses offered for free. Still, if you want to gain a nano degree, you will need to pay $200 a monthly fee. The platform allows attending your lessons whenever it suits you.

You can create your own schedule. Also, you can download the needed courses to learn offline. The obtained nano degrees can be a great advantage when you apply for jobs in the modern IT industry.

3. Sphere Edu

This application is, in fact, an interactive platform. It helps users to learn coding by the means of Sphero robots. That is right, you deal with programmable robots. This is not a simple platform to learn programming basics.

It greatly cheers for creativity. Thus, the tasks are provided to let the users both play and learn. If you wonder how to learn to code for apps with robots, you will be surprised.

The Sphero robots can even help check your code. The application provides materials and practical tasks for learners at different levels. It includes beginners, intermediate, and professionals.

The beginners learn the basics with robots, the intermediate course learners check more advanced tasks. The pros can use a programming language to create their programs.

4. Encode (Android only)

This app brings the learners to a new level of learning routine. It is a great platform to start learning coding for mobile apps. Encode offers small lessons that can be learned over the breaks.

The app offers quite impressive interactive coding tasks. It makes the entire learning process more enjoyable. The app also offers feedback after every lesson to make sure you gain all the needed information properly. The lessons can be reached offline if needed.

5. SoloLearn

This is not a simple application, but rather a collection of apps. In fact, this is the biggest collection of free coding tasks for learners on different levels.

It covers the information and practical tasks for a wide variety of languages, including C++, Python, PHP, CSS, etc. The app offers tons of information on coding principles and concepts. Also, it offers information on the latest coding trends.


Nowadays, there are tons of effective resources for people to learn coding fast. The advanced applications allow learning theoretical materials and improving practical skills with impressive interactive lessons.

Every person can learn coding basics and improve their skills with the latest apps. You can select any of the wanted lessons to learn and upgrade your coding skills promptly.

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