There are quite a lot of call recording solutions on the market today, but there are many good software among them. Of course, it would be foolish to force you to check how each of them records a call. We did this research ourselves and here is our selection of good call recording utilities.

1 iCall Recorder

1 iCall Recorder

iCall – call recorder app iPhone that saves you time and effort. With just a tap, you can easily record incoming and outgoing calls and access them anytime, anywhere. Phone recorder iPhone has a user-friendly interface that ensures a seamless experience. Whether you’re a business professional, educator, or anyone who values preserving important information, the iCall Recorder iOS app is perfect for you. Capture the highlights of conversations, recording calls at any moment in your life. Try iCall now and experience the convenience of call recording! By the way, this call recorder has a free trial usage mode.

2 CallRail Call Recording

CallRail distinguishes itself from other providers by offering a comprehensive set of services focused on call tracking, lead management, and premium features. Their plans range from $30 to $120 per month and include local numbers, call recording, email notifications, and call forwarding. Additional local and toll-free numbers are available for an extra monthly fee. What sets CallRail apart is its CallScribe feature, which utilizes keyword spotting and Call Highlights for speech analytics. This feature transcribes conversations between callers and employees, highlighting key phrases and words of interest. The cost for CallScribe ranges from $0.02 to $0.025 per minute, depending on the chosen plan. Among the included providers, CallRail places the most emphasis on call recording and is the preferred choice for companies seeking premium features within their budgets.

3 Orecx

Orecx provides a standalone call recording service with various recording options. Their services claim to be 50% cheaper than competitors. To get pricing information, contact Orecx directly. Orecx’s call recording product, Oreka CR, is a cloud-based recording software that can be implemented quickly through IP address provisioning. Additionally, they offer total call recording software, which is open source and allows for code inspection, modification, and enhancement. Auto-tagging is also available to target specific words or phrases in conversations. Orecx customizes their pricing plans to meet the individual needs of each customer.

4 CallCabinet

At CallCabinet, they provide ATMOS, a cloud-based software as service that records customer conversations. With their “pay as you grow” monthly payment system, they offer seamless integration with popular telephony platforms like Skype for Business, Asterisk, and Lync. Besides standard call recording capabilities, they also offer a graphical representation of calls, enabling analysis of conversation patterns, and the ability to flag specific parts for review (similar to speech analytics). Although pricing is not available on their website, CallCabinet offers a 30-day free trial to test their phone recording system and determine its suitability for your business.

5 Toll Free For Warding

Tollfreeforwarding provides virtual number plans and the choice to include incoming call recording in your plan. Tollfreeforwarding call recording is priced at $7/month, plus $0.03/minute. Optionally, you can extend call recording storage beyond 30 days at an additional $0.03/minute per month. This is a viable choice for individuals not seeking to retain extensive call recordings, as expenses can accumulate rapidly. Moreover, there is a fee for immediate access to your recordings.

#6 Talkdesk

Talkdesk offers various call recording features, such as call barging and live monitoring, to assess employee performance during calls. Nonetheless, its standout feature is Interaction Recording, which captures both the audio call and the agent’s screen simultaneously. This comprehensive training tool provides supervisors with all the necessary information.

7 Rev Call Recorder

7 Rev Call Recorder

Rev is renowned for its transcription services, leveraging professional freelancers to swiftly and precisely transcribe audio and calls. If your priority is call recording transcription, the Rev Call Recorder app is the perfect solution. Moreover, Rev provides AI-driven transcriptions at highly competitive rates, offering prices as low as $0.25 per audio minute with a remarkable turnaround time of just five minutes.

8 Vonage

Vonage is a business communications company that offers cloud solutions for office environments, similar to RingCentral. Their plans cater to companies of various sizes and range in price from $15 to $40 per user per month. All plans include unlimited calling and SMS messaging, as well as mobile and desktop apps for team communication. Please note that call recording is not included in the base plan and needs to be purchased separately. If you choose the advanced plan, you will receive 15 hours of call recording as part of your subscription. For company-wide call recording, you can buy it for $49.99 per month, which includes 500 hours of storage. Additional blocks of 250 hours of storage are available for $19.99. On-demand call recording is also available for individual extensions at a cost of $4.99 per month, which includes 15 hours of cloud storage. You can manage all your recordings through the Vonage user portal.


If you are faced with the task of recording calls, try these tools. They offer the best quality and convenience all in one. Perhaps you should try or even use a few of them on a regular basis. For example, iCall for iPhone and one of the software for PC.

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