• After working on the transition for years, Google has finally switched over to mobile-first indexing.
  • From now on, Google will place more emphasis on the mobile version of the site while crawling and indexing pages.
  • Google will reduce the crawling of desktop versions of pages to reduce resource consumption.

Everyone knows that people are using their smartphones more than their laptops and computers. Be it for using social media, gaming, or even using Google Search, mobile users are rising steadily. Google realized this and has started to crawl and index mobile pages first over desktop pages.

This change to crawling and indexing mobile pages started eight years ago, back in 2015. Google has updated its search engine algorithms to crawl and index sites that are more “mobile-friendly” than others.

Here’s what Google had today about this significant change:

“Over the years, mobile web traffic has continued to grow; in some regions, people almost exclusively use their phone to access the internet. Thank you – site owners, SEOs, web developers, designers, and everyone who works on websites – for helping to make the mobile web a success!”

Therefore, if you have a website, other sites will rank higher for keywords if they have a more mobile-friendly website.

No matter how good and SEO-optimized your content is – if your website is not mobile-friendly, its chances of getting crawled, indexed, and ranked are significantly lower.

Therefore, the number one tip now for webmasters is to improve the UI and the UX of the mobile version of their websites.

No matter how good the UI and UX of the desktop version of your website is, it will get crawled and indexed less than the mobile version from now. 

Therefore, focus on improving the mobile version of your web pages now. In addition, Google has also stated that they will soon be adding more tools for developers to add more features to the mobile version of their sites and make it as good and feature-full as their desktop counterparts.

So what are your thoughts about this change brought forth by Google? Let us know in the comments below!

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