• Google Search recently got another update, which allows it to solve complex math equations.
  • To do so, you simply need to type out the equation or upload a picture of the problem in your notebook.
  • Google Search will soon get more updates to allow it to solve problems science problems as well.

If you have been following our news posts so far, you will realize that Google has been busy upgrading its Google Search experience. Now, they have a new update that allows you to solve complex math equations in Google Search.

Last month, they introduced AI-based updates like the Google Search Generative Experience (SGE), a new Google Discovery Feed for Indian users, and the amazing new Google AR Beauty Ad for advertisers and shoppers. 

All of these changes point toward Google’s collective effort to allow users to do everything that they wish to do from the Search page. Google has been integrating AI into many of these updates, and this new one is no exception.

If the equations in your math homework look to be a bit difficult for you, fear not. Now you can simply type out the equation on the Google Search bar, and it will automatically generate answers for you. The best feature? It also explains a step-by-step breakdown of solving the equation!

If you wish to make it even easier, then you can simply upload an image of the math problem from your notebook using Google Lens. Doing so will also help you get the problems solved by Google. This will be helpful for solving geometry problems where diagrams are involved.

However, Google will soon add more updates to help you out with Physics and Chemistry problems as well. For example, you can solve Phyciscs problems like calculating the average acceleration of a cyclist.

These new Google updates will turn Google into a study tool for students, which is an amazing initiative by Google. 

So what are your thoughts on these new Google Search updates? Let us know in the comments below!

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