Blogger outreach is the process where an organization and bloggers work together through personalized emails. But there is a huge difference between marketing and outreaching. In marketing, the main focus is to increase engagement and sales, whereas, in blogger outrage, the aim is to deliver free information. And later, the information will attract potential customers. Also, here you will find any goal or target orientation. 

Is Outreaching a Complicated process?


There are words spreading around that working with bloggers is a bad thing. The reason behind it can be the increasing number of influencers on various social media platforms. Most people say that bloggers are just millennials who are difficult to work with. These days small and medium businesses give free products or services to influencers, and those influencers help the businesses to get more consumers.

But the reality is different. The main reason why people say these words these days, most bloggers are young. And the whole industry is full of millennials. But there are also people in their 40s or 50s who are in the blogger industry. So, don’t overthink, and forward in the article. 

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The Truth About Blogger Outreach


Though there are some bad words spread through the internet, in reality, blogger outreach is quite simple. Suppose you have a service or a product. And you know that bloggers are going to love that. Then the first work for you is to contact some bloggers to promote your product through their blogs. They will write about the service or product and then include a link that will redirect to your website. 

So, what do you think about your business? Does it have a good service or product that bloggers are going to love? Of course, you have. Otherwise, why would you start a business in the first place? There are different bloggers throughout the internet. And some of them will definitely agree with your proposal. There are technology bloggers, financial bloggers, fashion bloggers, film bloggers, and many others. You just need to find your niche.

Blogger Outreach Types 

There are different types of blogger outreach. The types depend on the business type, so if you are searching for bloggers for your website, then check out these different blogger outreaches.

1. Sponsored Posts 


Suppose there is a blogger from the same niche that your business is. And the website has a great reach. So, the traffic is confirmed. If the blogger writes something about your product, then spreading awareness is confirmed. So, you need to pay for the post in this blogger outreach. The sponsor money depends on the reach, influence, and popularity.

Also, there is a major factor that works behind the post. This is the type of post. The post can be a product description, or the blogger can ask the consumer to use the service or product. The ASA or Advertising Standard Authority said that if a blogger is getting money for a post, then they have to mention that. So, consumers will know that this is a sponsored post.

2. Product Reviews 


Product review is a great way to work with bloggers. Suppose there is a new product launched by your company. Before realizing the product in the market, all you need to do is to give free products to some bloggers in the same niche. Excluding bloggers, the reviews can be done through social media, blog posts, or videos. 

No matter what, a free product is loved by everyone. When a blogger is getting a free product from the company, they will definitely smile. And they will use the product and then spread the word about your product in the potential consumer’s mind. These days, there are so many YouTube channels that are based only on product reviews.

3. Product Feature


This blogging is kind of similar to the blogger review. In a review, bloggers tell the good and bad sides of a product. And finally, they will also mention their verdict. But when it comes to telling the features, blogging is a little different. Here the writing will consist of only features. 

And the tone will be a little professional and rather friendly. The bloggers will tell everything about the product, and if potential consumers love the features, then that will be an advantage. All you need to do is to give free products to the bloggers and tell them the features.

4. Giveaways

Giveaways are great when it comes to blogger outreaching. Suppose your company has launched a new product that is a new kind of rucksack. And you give free rucksacks to different travel bloggers. Then they will mention your product in their blogs. This way, you will get great awareness.

Blogger Events

A blogger event means that there will be so many bloggers coming at once. And this will give a brand a boost. When there is an ongoing event, you should definitely participate in your new product. Also, there are different types of brand influencers. Some of them are as follows.

  • Sponsored Reviews
  • Product Placement
  • Contest Running
  • Asking Influencers
  • Social Media Mentions
  • Creating Events

How To Practice The Best Blogger Outreach?

So, once you have decided to do a blogger outreach, here are some ways to do that.

  • When you choose the right blogger, there are a couple of things you should keep in your mind. 
  • Reach
  • Cost
  • Niche
  • Writing Style
  • Target Audience
  • Vision Statement
  • When the blogger mentions your product, tell them to keep the message concise and well crafted.
  • Tell them to mention your USP.
  • Try to connect with the blogger where the relationship will stay.
  • Try to do something different and original.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some interesting questions and answers.

Q1. What Is The Benefit Of Blogger Outreach?

Ans: Through blogger outreaching, you can give your company exposure, and more potential consumers will be attracted. This is a type of digital marketing strategy for both short and long-term goals.

Q2. How Does Blogger Outreach Work?

Ans: In simple words, this is a strategic process where bloggers try to communicate and build relationships with different industry influencers and try to achieve the same goal. The strategies are SEO and content marketing. There are other ways, like creating backlinks, promoting content, and guest posting.

Q3. What Is The Best Strategy For Blogger Outreach?

Ans: Though there are a couple of strategies and ways, most people say that guest posting is one of the most effective tactics. First, marketers pitch content to influencers and ask them to publish those. 

Final Words

So, I hope you have understood blogger outreaching, the myth and truth, different types, and events, and what the best practices are. So, if you have decided to do it for your business, then all you need to do is to spread your outreaching hand with a blogger from the same niche. 

If you have any queries, feel free to ask in the comment section below.

Thank You.

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