With the use of AI chatbots growing at a frenetic pace in the market today, ChatGPT has cemented its position as everyone’s go-to tool. However, this does not mean it has no competitors. Enter Perplexity AI – an AI tool explicitly made to “dethrone” OpenAI’s magnum opus.

But how successful has it been to live up to its promise? Let’s find out!

Perplexity AI: Made To Dethrone ChatGPT

With AI slowly being imbibed by more and more online tools – like TikTok’s AI Ad Script Generator, an AI tool for researching and studying was in high demand – with up-to-date information since ChatGPT is limited in this scenario so far.

After the Perplexity AI funding was complete, students and academics got a boon in the form of  Perplexity AI

Created in August 2022 by former employees of Quora, Meta, OpenAI, and Databrick, this AI tool was made specifically to “dethrone” ChatGPT as the best AI tool available on the internet right now. 

This is an AI chatbot (in the same vein as ChatGPT and Jarvis AI) that uses NLP (Natural Language Processing) to answer any question you ask. However, unlike the other tools in the market, this has updated information all the way till December 2022 – one of its main USPs!

Perplexity AI Advantages: Why Should You Use It?

Perplexity AI Advantages Why Should You Use It

There are various reasons why Perplexity AI is one of the better AI Chatbot tools on the internet right now. Some of its primary reasons (in my opinion) are:

1. Academic Accuracy

Academic Accuracy

One of the primary benefits of Perplexity AI is its academic accuracy. Primarily benefiting academic writers and students, making projects and dissertations are now easier thanks to this AI tool.

Compared to the likes of other AI tools and chatbots, Perplexity provides in-depth scientific information. However, its greatest strength lies in its feature of providing citations for its answers. This makes all responses made by this AI tool be credible, with the least chance of errors.

Whenever it provides you with solutions, it always provides the citations from where it got its answers. This is a boon for students and academic writers. Plus, you can select the format in which your citation will be generated. Be it Harvard or API – Perplexity AI has got you covered!

2. Intuitive UI

Intuitive UI

After using all of the major AI tools available to me, it became clear that most of them have intuitive interfaces. In this regard, Perplexity AI is no different.

It has a pretty simple and easy-to-use AI that even kids can use. All of its menus and icons are positioned and designed appropriately. Nothing seems too small, nor doesn’t seem too big.

In the same vein, the chat box is also simple. You have a box for typing questions, with the answers below. I cannot stress how an intuitive AI is one of the hallmarks of a good AI chatbot, and Perplexity AI nails it. pretty well.

3. Natural Language Processing (NLP)

Not everyone knows English well. Not everyone is fluent in English. Spelling and grammatical mistakes are pretty common among most of the human population regarding the English language.

However, Perplexity AI somehow understands everything you ask – even if your English is broken.

This is because Perplexity’s NLP (Natural Language Processing) is pretty strong. It learns how we are asking questions and in what way.

Therefore, even if your English is grammatically wrong, Perplexity will understand it as long as it’s relatively right and some semblance can be found with what is supposed to be right.

4. Current Information

As of now, the biggest strength of Perplexity AI is the information it presents. While ChatGPT has all information up to November 2021, Perpleirty AI has an information base extending until December 2022.

This AI tool has a year’s worth of extra information. Now, coming back to its use for academic purposes, you can now give more factual and up-to-date information – something that is impossible in ChatGPT and other AI tools.

5. Faster Response Times

Perplexity AI has one of the fastest response times, comparable to ChatGPT 4.

I asked a complex question, including some pointers about how I wanted my answers to be presented and in what form. To my surprise, Perplexity generated the answer in a matter of seconds. As for my directions, it missed one of them. But the answer I got was satisfactory and was exactly what I wanted.

6. Free Mobile App

Free Mobile App

One of the most user-friendly aspects of Perplexity AI API is its use of a free mobile app. You can download it for free from Google Play Store (Android) or from the App Store (Apple).

However, its best aspect lies in the fact that it requires no registration and sign-up. Therefore, you simply open the app, ask your question, and get your answers as quickly as possible! No need to waste time logging in and whatnot!

Perplexity AI Limitations: Why Should You Not Use It?

Perplexity AI Limitations

Even though it has such amazing benefits, Perplexity AI has two limitations that I experienced. They are:

1. Not Meant For Non-Maths Complex Problem Solving

Not Meant For Non-Maths Complex Problem Solving

You throw any quantum equations and difficult calculus problems at Perplexity AI – it will be a walk in the park for this tool. However, if you ask scientific questions regarding chemistry formulas or organic compounds – Perplexity forgot to study science.

While you will get answers (along with citations), they will not be as detailed as expected.

2. Responses Can Often be Too Short

One of the biggest gripes I faced with Perplexity AI was its short answers. ChatGPT will always give you longer detailed answers if you mention it in the question. 

Even if you want a 1000+ word answer, Perplexity AI will provide an answer that is around 400 words. On the other hand, ChatGPT has got what it takes to stretch it to the 800-word mark.

Who Should Use Perplexity AI And For What Tasks?

Who Should Use Perplexity AI And For What Tasks

Perplexity AI is the perfect companion for students and academic researchers. With its ability to create concise and factually accurate answers with citations to them, it’s a must-use tool for academic researchers and students who need to create projects and dissertations.

In addition, if you wish to solve complex maths equations, you can do that too with this tool. However, if you wish to create marketing copies, or write blogs, then ChatGPT is a better option in this regard.

Perplexity AI Vs. ChatGPT

Perplexity AI Vs. ChatGPT

Now, which AI tool should you be using – ChatGPT or Perplexity AI? Or are there better options, referring to the SurferAI vs Autobloging vs Jarvis debate?

While both have their own traits and use case scenarios, it largely depends on what task you wish to do. Here is what’s good between Perplexity vs ChatGPT:

Perplexity AIChatGPT
• Has better mathematical problem-solving capabilities
• It is 100% free
• Provides citations
• Has knowledge of almost everything until December 2022.
• ChatGPT 3.5 is free, while GPT-4 is not.
• Provides detailed answers that are longer in length.
• Has knowledge of almost everything until November 2021.

Final Verdict: Can Perplexity AI Dethrone ChatGPT?

I believe Perplexity AI is a great tool that is made to serve a specific group of users. Unlike ChatGPT’s friendlier and more casual approach to [providing answers, Perplexity has a more formal and academic approach. 

Along with its ability to provide citations, this is a tool primarily made for students and academic researchers. This is where Perplexity successfully “dethrones” ChatGPT. However, in all other uses, ChatGPT-4 still reigns supreme.

• Totally free.
• Provides citations.
• Can solve difficult maths equations
• Has knowledge of almost everything until December 2022.
• Not good for solving science problems.
• The responses can often be shorter than what you expect them to be.

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