Most websites that write on Social Media Marketing, Content Marketing, WordPress Blogging, and others often start offering solutions to the problems after the initial phase of you setting up your blog site.

However, most such information portals and domains will not tell you the most important thing- how to set up a WordPress Blog from scratch and generate revenue from it through Content Marketing. You will frequently come across articles like- Increase your Traffic, Social Sharing, Back Links, and so on.

Nevertheless, there are not many platforms out there that will genuinely tell you how to start your own blog site from scratch and make it profitable in the end.

How to set up a WordPress Blog and Earn through Content Marketing:

1. Choose a Content Area of interest, which has a very wide appeal:

At last count, according to Google, there are 440 Million blog sites on the World Wide Web. That seems daunting at the very outset, but over 95% of them do not feature anywhere on rankings, which means they are doing something very wrong. This article will help you be a part of the other 5%, the Neil Patels of the world! You need to choose an area, which has a wide enough appeal amongst readers.

For example, if you are choosing ‘Lifestyle’ as a category, make sure that it covers individual interest areas like ‘Food Blogging’, ‘Interior or Home Décor Blogging’, ‘Travel Blogging’, ‘Fashion Blogging’, ‘Accessories’, ‘Tech and Gadgets’, and so on. The wider your niche, the better chances of you not only attracting more consumers to your feed but also attracting more clients, once you start building traffic.

2. Do not restrict your content to WordPress Blogs; share on other Social Platforms:

Being in the industry for over five years, I have come across many budding writers and bloggers who have a similar complaint- I write good content, which is original, yet my WordPress Blog does not get much traffic. Let us be very honest, unless you are heavily funded, and run paid promotions across every single platform, trying to get traffic for a standalone Blog site is near impossible. Therefore, what do you do- well you do something, which is free and very simple.

Try cross sharing your content article on platforms such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, and others. The idea is not to use the exact same content, but change and edit it in small fractions, and try to post in on different platforms. The aim is to get more and more people to use the links on Social platforms to come to your WordPress Blog. This is a proven method, with traffic increasing up to 400% on some WordPress Blogs.

3. Always Remember, Blogging is Informal and an Emotional Part of yourself:

At the end of the day, you need to establish a deep connection, which is emotional with your readers. Using words like ‘You’ and ‘I’ is going to immensely help you establish a close bond with people who come to your WordPress Blog site. People do not want to read white paper documents or essays- for that, they can go read newspapers. What they want to consume are personal accounts, which are relatable, easy, emotional, and a little bit on the humorous side.

Topics like ‘How did I came from a Small Town and adjusted to life in the Big City’, help make issues and content relatable to millions of readers of both genders. Always remember, that your content should be an extension of who you are as an individual, it is only then will you be able to write from the heart and make your experiences talk.

4. ‘Quantity and Quality’, both matter for your WordPress Blog to be successful:

A very common misconception that people have is that quality always takes precedence over quantity. While the stated statement might hold true for physical platforms, on the digital domain, algorithms work according to various parameters and keep constantly evolving. Quality content is a sine qua non, but you should be able to push out content regularly and try to avoid taking longish breaks between publishing two pieces.

Ideally, if you are writing a 1000 word article, you should try publishing every day. This has multiple implications. For your audience, the expectations start growing, kind of like when is the next episode of my favourite show going to come (you know its tomorrow at 8 pm, but you cannot wait for it). For Google, it helps the algorithms and increases rankings and search functions.

5. Start Monetization Early and Always have Multiple Monetization Strategies:

Many people who are ‘Gurus’ in the industry have spoken up about the fact that how they wasted a good 6 months to a year without making any money whatsoever. These people waited for ‘tons’ of traffic to come. I am here to tell you that you should start early. Start setting up an Affiliate-Marketing model, Google AdSense as soon as you reach a level. You can also start by reaching out companies who have Link-Buildingand Publishing capabilities.

This is a huge opportunity to monetize, and it is unfortunate that many WordPress Bloggers are not aware of it. You should also think about compiling your content in e-books. Most customers would want to purchase an e-book for the complete story (like a Netflix All Episode Release).

6. Always, end your WordPress Blog Article with a Question:

As a writer, you want your audiences to carry the experience of reading well after they have physically finished reading your article. The best way to engage people who read your content is to always ask them a question, and encourage them to respond in the comments section.

If your article is experiential, you can ask people to share similar experiences as well. Sites like ‘Humans of New York’ have followed this with amazing successes. People want to talk, they want to speak out, and they want to be heard. If you end your article with a question, it is certain that more and more people will engage with your content, comment on it, and share it.

The Final Word:

By one estimate, there are at least a billion blog articles on the internet. However, I am not here to tell you that your WordPress Blog is going to drown in that sea of content. If your content is original, has enough quality, is experiential, and generates interest, chances are that you are going to be very successful at it.

Yes, down the line, you will have to gather some technical knowledge regarding SEO, and keywords, and other things that affect your rankings, and monetary gains, but always remember that great content will find a way.

We would want you to share your experience as a Blogger with us in the comments section. Until next time, Happy Blogging everyone!

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