Squarespace vs Wix: Choosing a website builder in 2024 can be challenging with so many website builders around. Gone are the days when only coders and programmers knew how to create websites.

Now, most builders have drag-and-drop editor editors, making it easier for anyone to build websites. Therefore, choosing between Squarespace vs Wix can be challenging for newcomers. 

Therefore, if you are stuck choosing between Wix or Squarespace, you have come to the right website. Read this post until the end to learn more about these website-budling platforms and decide which one you wish to use between Wix vs Squarespace, much like learning between Drupal vs WordPress. 

Why Use Squarespace In 2024? 

You should consider using Squarespace between Squarespace vs Wix. for blogging and eCommerce websites for many reasons. The primary reasons are: 

1. It Has A User-Friendly Website Builder 

Squarespace lets you use an intuitive drag-and-drop website editor and builder called Squarespace Fluid Engine.  

This website editor makes the website-building process quicker and easier since it lets you arrange your images, content, and other images in any way you like. Therefore, it’s highly customizable, allowing you much freedom to create your own website from scratch. 

All you must do here is drag and drop the elements you want. Therefore, you can set up your page layout with a specific design. Moreover, you can customize each element, like their size, color, bold, italics, and more. 

Therefore, the accessibility of web editors is important for choosing between Squarespace VS Wix in 2024. 

2. It Has Many Great, Professional Looking Templates 

Website design and development is not an easy task. If you are a programmer or a developer, you already know what website templates are. These are the basic designs and layouts that websites typically follow.  

Therefore, if you don’t wish to create a website from scratch and instead start with pre-built website designs, use templates.  

All Squarespace templates are made by professional website UI and UX designers. Moreover, you will get different templates for different types of websites. For example, you will get a template built for business and finance websites, while another template may be built for entertainment and technology websites. 

3. Squarespace eCommerce Features Are Helpful 

Like other platforms like WordPress and GoDaddy, Squarespace has many features and functions that are exclusively for eCommerce websites. 

For example, if you set up an eCommerce website, some of the primary tools that eCommerce website creators need are tools that all you to: 

  • Set up online stores. 
  • Manage your inventory. 
  • Process payments by setting up payment gateways. 
  • Manage and design a catalog of products with marketable descriptions. 

Therefore, when you use Squarespace’s eCommerce website templates with such unique eCommerce features, you can set up your eCommerce site quickly and easily! 

4. Squarespace For Bloggers 

Every blogger needs a well-designed canvas to jot down their thoughts and make textual art. Therefore, every blogger needs a proper website for them to publish their posts. 

Squarespace has many tools for bloggers. Starting with many website templates for bloggers, Squarespace also acts as a Content Management System (CMS). However, it’s not a full-fledged CMS tool in the vein of WordPress. 

Therefore, Squarespace has many blogging features, such as allowing you to integrate media into your blog posts (like videos and pictures). This will enable you to make your blog visually more attractive, helping you retain your readers for longer sessions. 

5. There Are Many Squarespace SEO Tools 

What do websites like eCommerce sites and blogs need to make themselves more visible to the target audience? These websites must appear on the top of Google SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages). 

However, what do you do to make it possible? The answer is SEO – Search Engine Optimization. 

Squarespace has many tools that you can use to optimize your website and its individual web pages. You have many options here, from tools that help you compress the size of images to making your website load faster. 

For example, you can set up meta tags (titles, slugs, descriptions) of individual web pages to make them index faster. Moreover, this is necessary since search engine crawlers will look at the meta tags and determine what the content on the page is about. 

In addition, you can also set up 301 and 401 redirects, a built-in generator for XML sitemaps, and more. 

6. It’s Customer Support Is Reliable 

Many users have highly praised the customer support of Squarespace as top-notch. Squarespace has various dedicated channels of customer support through multiple mediums. Therefore, if you have any queries, you can contact them via email, voice chat, or text chat. 

Moreover, Squarespace also has various learning materials online. Therefore, before you start using any of their tools, it’s best to read these blogs and tutorials.

They are technically written by experts, making the information concise and easy to follow – perfect for new Squarespace users. 

Why Use Wix In 2024? 

You should consider using Wix between Squarespace vs Wix for blogging and eCommerce websites for many reasons. The primary reasons are: 

1. It’s Free 

You should use the Wix website builder in 2024 because it’s 100% free. This separates it from other website builders, which are paid tools. This is a significant advantage for Wix regarding Wix vs Squarespace pricing. 

Wix has this pricing advantage because hiring a professional website developer will cost you a lot of money. With Wix’s free and easy-to-use website-building tools, you don’t have to worry about spending much money on development. This is an essential factor to consider choosing between Squarespace vs Wix. 

However, you will see many ads while using the website builder, which can be intrusive to your experience.

Moreover, you must have the Wix Premium version to connect your existing domains with Wix. You cannot do so in the free version. 

2. It Has A User-Friendly Website Builder 

Wix has become famous amongst budding website developers because it has an intuitive website-building tool. 

The Wix Editor has an intuitive interface, making website development easier for non-developers. It lets you use a drag-and-drop tool where there is no need to input lines of code.  

Therefore, if you have zero experience creating a website, Wix makes it easier. 

Moreover, if you are an experienced website developer, you can use the Wix Studio Editor. This is an expanded version of the Wix Editor with many advanced features better suited for veteran developers. 

3. You Get Lots Of Templates 

Wix is famous for its massive collection of website templates. All Wix templates are designed by professional website developers, keeping the top website and SEO trends in mind. 

Therefore, depending on your website type and branding strategy, you will get various templates that suit your needs.  

Do you wish to create a political news website? Why not use a formal template? Or are you planning to make a gaming and tech news and review website? Maybe an informal one will be right up your alley! 

Moreover, you can use the Wix Editor’s drag-and-drop functionality to customize these templates. This gives you endless customization options – which is what everyone wants. 

4. Integration With The Wix App Market 

Did you know that Wix has their own app market chock full of apps to use? These Wix tools are all valuable tools that fit the requirements of any website design.

Whether you have a blog or an eCommerce website – you will find a Wix app! The same can be said for the WordPress vs Webflow comparison as well. 

These apps make it easier for the average person to build stunning websites since integrating them requires no coding expertise. This is why Wix wins between Google Sites vs Wix and Wix vs WordPress.

For example, you can use apps like Wix Payments to add eCommerce features like a payment gateway on your website. 

Therefore, eCommerce Wix apps like Wix Store or business apps like Wix Restaurants are tailor-made for their respective business’s website needs. 

5. Wix SEO Tools Are Awesome 

SEO specialists use tools like SEMrush to SEO-optimize their websites. This ensures that the Google crawl bots index your site and rank it at the top quickly. 

However, they can also complete many SEO tasks using various Wix SEO tools. These act like plugins that allow you to carry out multiple SEO optimizations on your website.  

For example, you will find various Wix tools that allow you to structure your site’s data using XML sitemaps and URL customizations. Additionally, you can also use technical SEO features like meta tags and SEO slugs! 

If you need a beginner’s website development guide, refer to this Wix SEO Setup Checklist. Following this checklist will help you SEO-optimize your website better. 

6. Reliable Security And Hosting 

Apart from being one of the best free website builders, Wix is also a hosting platform. They have state-of-the-art server infrastructure for hosting websites.  

Therefore, you can expect your Wix websites to be fast and responsive and rarely have server downtimes in 2024! 

Moreover, since websites are now prone to suffering from hacking attempts, Wix hosting servers have many layers of security. This includes security features like SSL certifications, data encryption, and more! 

Squarespace vs Wix: Direct Comparison (2024) 

If you wish to know which is better between Squarespace vs Wix – here are some direct comparisons between them to give you a clearer idea: 


The pricing plans of both these tools will help you select which one to use depending on its affordability. Squarespace and Wix have various premium pricing plans, each providing you access to many features. 

Regarding the prices of these plans, you will get four Squarespace pricing plans: 

  • Personal ($17/month) 
  • Business ($25/month) 
  • Basic Commerce ($29/month) 
  • Advanced Commerce ($55/month) 

On the other hand, you also get four Wix pricing plans: 

  • Light ($16/month) 
  • Core ($27/month) 
  • Business ($32/month) 
  • Business Elite ($159/month) 

As you can see above, both these tools have similar pricing plans. However, regarding the final tier of premium plans, Wix’s Business Elite plan is more expensive ($159/month) than Squarespace’s Advanced Commerce plan ($55). 

Moreover, Wix also has a free plan for students starting with web development. While it only gives you access to some of its features, using it for free is still better than not using it at all. 

However, Squarespace has no free plans. Instead, it provides a 7-day free trial period for all these plans. Therefore, I recommend that students use Wix’s free plan. 

Website Editor 

Many web developers praise the Wix web editor for its ease of use and intuitiveness. It has a simple layout and an easy-to-use drag-and-drop editor. All the menus and tabs are also where they should be, allowing you to access them quickly. 

However, the Squarespace web editor is less intuitive than the Wix web editor. It has a slight learning curve, making it unsuitable for students and beginners. However, if you read their guide materials first, it gets easier. 

Moreover, the Wix editor gives you access to HTML and CSS editors if you know how to code. However, Squarespace gives you more access and control over HTML and CSS. 

Therefore, I recommend the Wix website editor for all users since it’s easier to use and has better features. However, Squarespace is a better option if you know how to code and are an SEO veteran. 

Plugins, Themes, And Customization Options 

Regarding plugins, themes, and customization options, both Squarespace and Wix have a similar number of tools. 

However, while Wix has more website plugins, Squarespace has more professional templates. Moreover, most users will find the Squarespace templates better than Wix templates. 

In addition, Wix has more customization features than Squarespace. However, the biggest difference here is the addition of Wix AI. Instead of building the website using its drag-and-drop editor and designing each element manually, you can simply give AI prompts, which will do for you! 

Therefore, between Squarespace vs Wix, I recommend Wix for beginners. Once you gain experience and know what you need, you can choose any of them depending on their features. 

SEO Tools 

Both Squarespace and Wix have fantastic SEO tools that you can use to increase the visibility of your website. Features like adding meta tags, canonical tags, image optimization, page speed optimization, site maps, and more are present in both. 

However, Wix has a lot more to offer here. Wix has a specific set of SEO tools known as Wix SEO Wiz tools. This tool can help you create the perfect SEO strategy and plan, depending on your website niche and requirements. 

Therefore, between Squarespace vs Wix, I recommend using Wix for SEO. 

Final Verdict: Squarespace Wix – Who Wins In 2024? 

If you must decide to use one website builder between Squarespace vs Wix, Wix wins this battle.  It has a free version, an intuitive website builder, many plugins and templates, great SEO and AI tools, and more. 

However, Squarespace is also a fantastic website builder, although it’s primarily geared towards veteran designers and programmers. Therefore, Wix is more beginner-friendly, being the easier tool to use. 

Thanks for reading this blog. If you have any questions or suggestions, please comment below!

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