Do you ever count the number when you are typing in the search engines to find something from the internet? We guess not. Whenever you want to see anything from the internet, you have to type the correct search command in the search engines, and search engines run those commands. And present you with the most preferred search result. The Startpage search engine is the most secure private search engine. 

When you are going to type the search command in the search bar, the search engines will know what types of requirements you presently have on. And from the search command, your data corruption chances are high. If you want to preserve your security and hide the search commands and the data, the best way is to use a private search engine like the Startpage search engine. And protect your search data.

Let’s start with the attractive features of the Startpage Search Engine.

4 Cool Features Of Startpage Search Engine

A protected and secure search engine is going to save your search data. And along with the search data, your whole online activity remains in the dark. The Start page secure search engines are helping you to hide all the online actions. And the search data from the online data theft.

Take a look at the four attractive features of the Startpage search engine and choose the right suitable one.

1. Hide Your IP Address

When you start browsing from the Startpage search engine, your IP address is entirely changed. Most of the private search engines are only masking your address or encrypting it. But the Startpage search engine is working differently than the other private search engines

The search engine is not only masking. It entirely changes your IP address in their system. So when your full IP address changes, there is a very minimal chance of data corruption here.

2. Browse In The Private Mode

When you are visiting a website, the website is trying to track down your location and the other details. Most of the browsers keep tracking the user’s data and the websites. Here the Startpage search engine is playing with the most careful step. 

The anonymous view is allowing you to visit the website through a specific firewall. That means your IP addresses and the other details are entirely masked. So even after your visiting the search engine is going to provide you the maximum data hiding security.

3. Keeps Your Search And View Result Private

When you want to keep your search data hidden, what is going to serve the purpose. The security is always more robust and gives you more protection for your data. Data security is always effective and not only protecting your search engine result or the data. Therefore, your device is going to be more secure and well-performing.

The handheld device such as the android has more chances to be in the state of data corruption and tracking. The start page search engine does not only give you the search engine browsing data security on your PC. Other than your PC, if you are going to use handheld devices, the search data will also be saved. All your private data and the stretch result are going to be protected.

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4. Gives You More Privacy Than the Browser’s Private Mode

Almost every search browser gives you the opportunity to search in private mode. Apart from the private mode searching, the regular search engines do not provide any extra security. 

The masking of your IP address along with the data hiding these all is not provided by the regular browser’s privacy policy. When you are browsing through the private mode, the search result may be kept secret. But when you are using the Startpage search engine. 

Your entire browsing data and your IP address are kept secret. So even when you are leaving the website, the applications can not track your exact locations. This is the reason most of the users who are preferring secure searching are shifting to the Startpage search engine.


How to use the Startpage Search Engine?

  • Which browser are you currently using? First, open the menu bar from the android home screen options. 
  • Then open the setting options from the list.
  • Under the search option, you will get default options and then open another search engine.
  • Then set the search engine name as Startpage.

Is the Startpage an excellent and secure browser?

Startpage is the privacy-focused search engine where you search for results like google. The main focus point of the Start page is to maintain the security of the searching data. 

If you like to enjoy searching data without cookie interventions, this is the best search engine choice for you. The start page is more secure and hides the user’s IP address.

What are the safest search engines in 2021?

Start page and DuckDuckGo are the two safest search engines in 2021. These two search engines are hiding the user’s IP address, and you could enjoy the uninterrupted searching without cookie popups.

 In addition, these two protect your identity and provide you with a secure search result. And these two search engines are entirely covering your search data result. So no hackers and cookies can not track down your locations and PC address.

Wrapping It Up:

Now you know all about the Startpage search engine and how this search engine is going to save all your search engine data and the results. However, your device’s data is also in a vulnerable state along with the search results when you are not using the private, secure search engines. The start page search engine is not only masking your IP address. It will change your full IP address and hide your location more professionally. So what is your opinion over the private Startpage search engine? Do not forget to comment back to us.

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