John Mueller answered a question in a Google Office Hours Q & A session about a website with indexing issues. He shared an important technical SEO tip about domains and subdomains.

The person asked about problems with indexing a website on the secure HTTPS protocol using a Core MVC framework.

After researching the matter, I concluded that the MVC framework and HTTPS were not the root cause of the indexing problems. The site not having the www subdomain caused the problem.

When I specifically searched for the www version, I didn’t find what I was looking for, which made me understand that it is crucial to pay attention to small matters when solving SEO problems.

Mueller’s reply showed how hard it is to solve search engine optimization issues. It can be confusing when the real problem is not immediately apparent, and we need to keep digging deeper to find it.

In this scenario, the significance of considering subdomains highlighted how tricky website optimization could be.

This situation will caution webmasters and SEO specialists to scrutinize more complexities while resolving website-related problems.

The person seeking help mentioned the web application framework and HTTPS configuration as the possible reasons for the indexing difficulties.

In other words, Mueller’s examination showed that problem-solving requires careful examination to be effective.

This thing about the site being indexed without the www subdomain shows that many people forget to add this in their SEO practices.

Numerous websites are having different arrangements of their domains that affect how search engines and their visibility online index them.

This means that webmasters need to have a good grasp of their site’s structure so that it doesn’t negatively affect their search engine rankings.

SEO Practices 

SEO is becoming more complex, and practitioners must keep updated with the latest ideas and techniques.

Mueller’s guidance, in my case, helped me understand the complexity of SEO and taught me how to approach it step-by-step. The session highlighted the significance of subdomains for indexing.  (Source)

In this explanation, Mueller demonstrated the changing nature of solving SEO problems and how it takes ongoing research to uncover the true problem.

This video is great because it gives you new knowledge about SEO and web optimization that you can apply to your projects. It also shows how professionals keep learning and adapting to new trends, which is cool.

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